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Episode 399: TVii Sen'SeY

by James Jones, Jon Lindemann, Jonathan Metts, and Guillaume Veillette - September 21, 2014, 7:46 pm EDT
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One week prior to the big anniversary, we discuss TVii (really), the Smash Bros. 3DS demo, and much more!

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This final episode of RFN Season 3 begins with important and exciting news about one of our favorite guest stars and why he probably won't be back anytime soon. It's a happy reason!

It doesn't happen often, but Jon Lindemann starts New Business with his surprise at the rock-solid Super Smash Bros. for 3DS demo, which everyone else played too. James follows up on Layton x Wright by strongly recommending the DLC scenes. Jonny tries the Theatrythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call demo and also suggests the perfect companion experience to Fire Emblem: Awakening. Guillaume wraps the segment with his advanced impressions of Azure Striker Gunvolt, plus the demo (or maybe accidental purchase) of Wooden Sen'SeY, the lone Wii U game in this 3DS-heavy edition of New Business.

There's just a pair of emails in this abbreviated episode, but they're both unusual topics. The first is about TVii, the confounding failed attempt to get people watching television while also doing... something... on the GamePad. Listen for a wild live demonstration! The other question is about Crush 3D and just how similar it is (or isn't) to Fez. I bet even Sega can't believe we are talking about Crush 3D in the year 2014, but there it is. As we're always saying, you can write an email to RFN about nearly any topic! If we have something to say about it, we'll probably do so on the podcast.

It won't feel real until everyone is standing in Colorado, but we really are just a few days out from the epic Episode 400 weekend, thanks to all of you! Be sure to check the front page of NWR, the NeoGAF thread, and our social media accounts to be alerted when our live streams are starting. We're going into the studio on Sunday afternoon and hope to get the big show out for you that evening or maybe the next day. EXCITE!!!

This podcast was edited by Guillaume Veillette.

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ClexYoshiSeptember 22, 2014


Here. this actually has difficulty and punishes your fuck ups in platforming and rotating the world and there's a losing state. you also don't need a QR Code scanner, it isn't filled with bad internet jokes, and it wasn't in the oven for 5+ years and doesn't ask you for $90 because we're all ingrates.

Also it came out before Fez and doesn't need to be pretentious. Neither does Crush 3D, which also originally came to PSP well before Fez came out.

I guess... Fez bugs me so much because much like Phil Fish is THE guy whom we put out as an idol and example of how not to handle being internet famous, Fez is THE example of how not to handle being a indie retro platformer. Fez is actually the reason I decided against backing Shovel Knight. Shovel Knight, of course, being the example of what you do want to do if you want to be a retro indie platformer. Fez is where I realized the markets that La Mulana and Cave Story had opened up and I was so in love with and continued by Mega Man 9 and 10 was becoming an over-saturated place that I wanted to be wary of what I do and don't consume. This and Braid, which... even Braid had mechanics and a losing state of sorts that thought it'd be witty with some juxtiposition between Super Mario Bros and the development of the H Bomb?!?

What I'm saying is, you can be artsy all you want, but I think for the same reason James Jones thinks Earthbound is stupid trite, I think Fez is garbage; the game under the pretty paint is little more than a piece of rubbish.

ObbyDentSeptember 22, 2014

Comparing Fez to Mega Man? Bro, those aren't even the same games. Just because they are pixel 2D games doesn't make them even close to the same thing, and comparing the two (or really, any of the games you compared) are doing a disservice to most of them.

Especially not backing Shovel Knight because of Fez. Shovel Knight is a love letter to NES games. Fez isn't even pretending to be such a thing.

ClexYoshiSeptember 22, 2014

Quote from: ObbyDent

Especially not backing Shovel Knight because of Fez. Shovel Knight is a love letter to NES games. Fez isn't even pretending to be such a thing.

one of the first things you see when you start the game is a wall scroll that's clearly meant to be the Legend of Zelda title screen. Fez wears it's loose and pandering influences on it's sleeve by making very blunt references.

I also agree that comparing Cave Story or Mega Man to Fez is doing a great disservice to most of them because they really shouldn't be spoken in the same breath as Fez and it's manufactured nostalgia and hipness.

Shovel Knight is a WONDERFUL game and I feel ashamed that I didn't back it back then. it had things I liked going on in that PAX demo, but there's SO many indie games I've played where it's got the bits and pieces there but in the end have that same pander-y feel to them that Fez does... like... Retro City Rampage. there's an example of a game I soured on REALLY fast because i got sick of the never-ending assault of bullshit. I'm surprised there isn't a Fez cameo in that gem either. they've got enough Team Meat/Gaijin games circle jerk going on there already.

or 1,001 spikes, which while it does a much, MUCH better job at keeping that sort of thing under wraps, still has problems where i t makes really not so subtle Metal Gear and Ninjai Gaiden References and has all sorts of alternate character cameos from other Indie games, but really just boils down to being I wanna be the Guy/Kaizo Mario World BS, which is the opposite end of the spectrum of Fez's non-challenge.


I think Fez is a fun and stylish game. It's okay if you disagree, but I still recommend it to Nintendo fans because of the influences and because a lot of people enjoy that game when they play it.

pokepal148Spencer Johnson, Contributing WriterOctober 02, 2014

I will say this: having that little tv remote on the gamepad is so nice for me. I love being free from the tv remote, especially since the TV I have now doesn't even have a power button on the TV itself.

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