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Episode 398: Mildly Violent Immolation

by James Jones, Jon Lindemann, Jonathan Metts, and Guillaume Veillette - September 14, 2014, 3:36 pm PDT
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This week's episode is overloaded with brand new games and a brand New 3DS.

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Last week's episode was a big one for us, but we promised at the end to come back with an earful of games discussion and a look at the New 3DS hardware... so that's exactly what you get! New Business is slam-packed with new and/or interesting game, including Guacamelee on Wii U, the charming Fez, Layton x Wright, Sherlock Holmes in Dai Gyakuten Saiban, Azure Striker Gunvolt, and yes, even Destiny. There's something for everyone in this lineup!

A full-length Listener Mail segment gives a chance to chat about the New 3DS models -- finally! We also consider which older 3DS games could benefit from the new hardware. The last email forces us to look at Ubisoft's slow, maybe irreversible retreat from Wii U support after crafting one of the best launch titles. As always, we love hearing from you and would like to talk about topics of your choosing, so step right up to that email form!

This podcast was edited by Guillaume Veillette.

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GonjinessSeptember 14, 2014

Just a quick note that the URL is wrong in the MP3 podcast feed. It's listed as http://www.nintendoworldreport.com/podcast/nwrpodcast3978.mp3 so my podcathcer didn't pick it up. I had to download it manually.

ClexYoshiSeptember 14, 2014

Okay, okay. Stop the train, put on the breaks. This podcast listening experience cannot continue until I have spoken my mind. I ended up deciding not to post the "Fez is boring trite" post, but James Jones, you have spoken the fightin' words.

For what had to be worked with, Mega Man X8 is pretty awesome. I'd say it's better than X2 or X3, even. yeah, that's right. Crystal Snail and Magna Centipede can go fuck themselves.

Mega Man X8 was Inafune coming back to a house the rest of Capcom fucked straight in the ass for two games and having to fix the mess, and it worked pretty well. they limited anything having to actually do with 3D to something that essentially equated to Space Harrier and had solid 2D gameplay where Axl didn't feel like a complete waste of space like he did in X7.

Network Transmission, however, is a game I cannot come to it's defense, as it is a game I bought when I sold Animal Crossing when I realized I had given away one of my best Yugioh cards to my friend for 7.5 million bells and that all it did was eliminate any and all purpose from the game. I saw Network Transmission in a bargain bin at Gamestop and gave it a shot, as an online friend convinced me that Battle networks 1, 2, and 3 were worth a damn.

Network Transmission was most certainly not, as it was far stiffer and slower paced then it's NES bretheren, and the buster wasn't worth shit so they could promote you using your chips, which often meant downtime while you wait for your custom gauge to fill. not downtime while dodging enemies, just... sitting around with your thumb up your ass. doubly so if you didn't hit the elemental weakness of the boss you're coming up to in your chip deck... I got stuck at Fireman.exe for hours because I couldn't figure out what the hell was with the hitbox on his flamethrower attack, and I didn't think to just wait in front of his boss door until I got a lucky shot and ended up getting bubbler chips on my custom screen to go in with and try to just brute force the boss.

but yeah, Mighty No. 9 is actually looking pretty good, in all honesty. it's got a bit of what you're talking about with Azure Striker Gunvolt where you're not so much shooting enemies as you're tagging them... the only difference is that the tagged enemies in Mighty no. 9 need only be dashed into to instantly killed rather than electrocuted for a period of time.

I finished Azure Striker Gunvolt this morning. Loved it.

I had equipped for most of the game a pendant that amplified the force field's damage, so I've never run into the situation where enemies take forever to die. And even once I unequipped that in order to get the better ending, I didn't find the bosses to take very long to kill. I doubt any of them took longer than a little over a minute to die.

Pretty great action game. I like it much more than Mega Man Zero (the first one, the only one I've played). I even got into the whole achievements/crafting thing more than I expected.

azekeSeptember 16, 2014

A small correction: regular 3DS already had more RAM than Wii, Wii had like 90Mb, 3DS has 128Mb.

pPatkoSeptember 17, 2014

I can NOT WAIT... for Theatrhythm to stop making the news because I never want to hear someone mispronouncing it as THEE-AT-RHYTHM ever again!!  Now I know some of you are U.S. Americans and you spell the word theater "theatre" differently, and moreover, the name is an awkward one, but c'mon guys.  Is it REALLY that hard to get?  Theatre. Rhythm.  Theatre-Rhythm.  Theatrhythm!  BAM!  You're welcome.
Other than that, I love the podcast.  Keep up the mostly good work.  ;D

CericSeptember 22, 2014

That Destiny discussion was way to positive.  I didn't hear a single negative.  They get a lot of things right but, when your not with friends strategy is only intuitive since there is no communication.  I haven't gotten to play much through story with people I will admit.  Jonny and lol-a-made are normally on when I play.  Just to timid to jump in.

Control is the only PvP worth playing by the way if your not hardcore.

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