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Episode 369: Super Meat Party

by James Jones, Jon Lindemann, Jonathan Metts, and Guillaume Veillette - February 9, 2014, 12:07 pm PST
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It's slim pickings the week before Bravely Default, but we fill the gap with... third-party Wii U games???

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Note: You won't hear much from Jonny during the middle section of New Business, due to an audio problem, which also took out a good portion of Jon's Zelda update. Special thanks to Guillaume for editing around it!

We launch into weird territory this week as James catches up with Tekken Tag Tournament 2... yes, the weird and highly polished Wii U launch title! Gui keeps the third-party train rolling with Scribblenauts Unlimited for the same system. Jon is almost finished with A Link Between Worlds, and he ponders which game will be next for his upcoming travel plans. Jonny recommends indie puzzler The Swapper (on PC, and maybe more soon?), which wraps head-scratchers in a shroud of Metroid-like gloom. He also checks out anime series Attack of the Titan (now on Netflix for us Americans) and a couple of Japanese games based upon it, including the 3DS one beloved by Danny on the Famicast.

Listener Mail covers a couple of Zelda questions before allowing us some guarded optimism on Nintendo's future with third-party studios. We also, rather briefly, get to play CEO and check off what we would do if put in charge of Nintendo. Look forward to some weird ideas there, and send your email about them there video games!

This podcast was edited by Guillaume Veillette.

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I want a dub for Attack on Titan SO BAD (same with Kill la Kill), but I wonder if I'll ever be satisfied.

Although it's sad we lost the Zelda conversation, I noticed someone either didn't chime in or got cut out. This is a good thing.

geckog7February 10, 2014

Anyone else having problems with their iTunes not updating this episode?

alanbbentFebruary 10, 2014

Eddy is a Capoeira fighter. That's a Brazilian martial art that was made to look like dancing so that slaves who practiced it wouldn't get in trouble for learning to fight. I knew a few Brazilians who FLIPPED OUT when people called it breakdancing. I've been conditioned to be a Capoeira nazi.  ::)

daverhodusFebruary 10, 2014

Nintendo should buy M2 and put them in charge of the Virtual Console.

broodwarsFebruary 10, 2014

For the record, Dr. Metts, Mirror of Fates HD released last October and Assassin's Creed Liberation HD released a few weeks ago.  :P:

azekeFebruary 11, 2014

I didn't knew that Swapper got a controller update! Niiiiice!

KDR_11kFebruary 11, 2014

Upgrading the fire rod in ALBW is totally worth it. I think normally it just spawns a stationary pillar of fire? Upgraded that pillar moves forward until it hits a wall, damaging any enemy on its path and knocking them back at the same speed as the pillar moves (so it will repeatedly hit the enemy until he's pushed against a wall). Those repeated hits kill most enemies with just one fire pillar.

The upgraded ice wand is also great, it gets a big AOE that way and because the attack spawns above the current room it can strike things way above you, with the AOE it can short-cut some puzzles.

eggface123February 12, 2014

Michael Pachter is a moron! Oh James Jones you da bad ass! Mista Jones Mista Jones!

geckog7February 12, 2014

I agree Nintendo needs to take Sony's approach with their next console. Talk to Epic and make sure it can run Unreal Engine 5.  Design the most badass traditional controller. All of this needs to be their baseline when they first design the console. Then add in the Nintendo ideas that make the hardware unique.

Talk to North American developers and make deals like they have done with Platinum games. Nintendo needs multiple  North American developed exclusives for launch window. They should have snapped up the Darksiders team at THQ and 38 studios talent...... Kingdoms of Amalor would have been a great fit in Nintendo's library.....

These deals need to happen now to have developers start projects for a really strong launch. Pay for Bioware Montreal to develop an exclusive game, ports will not cut it.......... exclusive prince of persa, exclusive epic game. Make these investments while they have the fallback cash in their war chest, they cannot have their next system fail as Wii U has.......

Basically I feel they should give NOA more freedom to run as an aggressive company, rather than a marketing branch of Japan. NOE as well, imagine if they could secure a game from cd projekt red........


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