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E3 2012: Day One (Nintendo Booth Impressions)

by Jonathan Metts, Zachary Miller, and Guillaume Veillette - June 6, 2012, 12:53 am PDT
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Which demos in Nintendo's booth blew RFN's socks off, if any?

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Jonny, Zack and Guillaume talk about the game demos that made the biggest impression on them: Pikmin 3, New Super Mario Bros U, Batman: Arkham City, Project P-100, Lego City Undercover... and many more!


geoJune 06, 2012

p-100 looks like viewtiful joe artwork.


JasonMaiviaJune 07, 2012

Does the Wii U Pro Controller have rumble and do both the Wii U Game Pad and Pro Controller have analog shoulder buttons/triggers?

About the Wii U Game Pad's shoulder button placement...
  Why are the ZL/ZR buttons in weird positions and on top instead of being at the bottom?  They look hard to reach, like the Z button on the Gamecube controller.

  With many multi-platform third party games making use of all 4 shoulder buttons, why didn't Nintendo just use the Pro Controller shoulder button layouts on the Game Pad, with the Z buttons on the bottom as trigger and having all four of them easily accessible at any moment while gaming?

I saw these problems at last year's E3, but since then, nothing about them has changed.
Is it too late for a redesign before launch?
How can this message get across to Nintendo?  Through media outlets?

leahsdadJune 07, 2012

I think the "camera"-like game that Guillaume is referring to, but can't remember, must be one of the Fatal Frame games.  The mechanics he described, with more points be awarded if the subject of the photo is on center, etc.. sounds exactly like FF 2, the one that was recently remade.

Sleeping LessonJune 15, 2012

I really enj--*COUGH*--oyed this podcast. Plenty of interes--*COUGH*--ting discussion and *COUGH* great impressions on the *COUGH* new Wii--*COUGH*--U game *COUGH*.

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