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E3 2012: Day One (Press Conference Reaction Show)

by Jonathan Metts - June 5, 2012, 11:37 am PDT
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We recorded this knee-jerk reaction podcast just minutes after Nintendo's E3 press conference.

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Opinions don't get much fresher than this, at least in podcast form! We left Nintendo's press conference, headed straight to the E3 media room, and sat down in a corner to record a quick reaction to all the announcements. It wasn't the most thrilling event we've ever seen, but there were many exciting games shown including Pikmin 3 and NintendoLand. Look for another episode coming later today with our first hands-on impressions of these and other games at E3.

This podcast was edited by Jonathan Metts.


The worst Nintendo press conference was at E3 2003 with Pac-Man VS.  That was AWFUL.

DonkeyBilly KongJune 05, 2012

Thanks for the podcast!  I definitely was waiting with everyone else for something else at the end of the conference.  The NintendoLand stuff could have been more interesting if they had shown a sizzle reel of the games rather than what looked to be the game selection screen, first at day, then at night.

Overall, I was happy with the presentation, if not blown away.  They showed a lot of third party support across a wide variety of games, from action, to dancing, to Lego GTA.  The diversity was great compared to the other conferences.  Pikmin was obviously their big core gamer title and looked excellent.  NSMB looked like NSMB.  I have about zero excitement for that game after the previous NSMB games and Super Mario Land, which was very similar.  I look forward to finding out what Retro is up to.

Despite all of my positivity, I do not think Nintendo has given me enough reason to buy a system at launch.  It may make more sense to wait until they get their online stuff more finalized, different colors, price drop, bundles, etc.

SonofMrPeanutJune 05, 2012

Defnitely wish they'd announced the Platnium game P100 in-show.  The conference could have also used less Sing and Just Dance 4.  Maybe they could have done that in the time it took to restate everything that was said on Sunday (and wasn't the point on Sunday to avoid this?).

Pikmin 3 looks gorgeous, and I'm looking forward to guiding the flying and rock pikmin.  As of this point, Pikmin 3 + Paper Mario + Luigi's Mansion 2 = My Holiday (given there's no delays)

Certainly not the best conference, but 2008 and 2003 still offer some pretty stiff competition for the spot of worst.

My big issue was the almost complete lack of new major game announcements. Aside from some minor sizzle reel games and Nintendo Land, literally every game shown/described was a known quantity. At the end I was saying, "Wait...that's it?"

And as you guys mentioned, they didn't touch on Nintendo Network at all.  AT ALL.  That's the #1 piece of information I wanted to get out of this presentation, and once again Nintendo fumbled the ball at the goal line. I'll never for the life of me understand why they're so secretive with their online plans every time they release a system. They hide it from the public like it's some sort of secret military weaponry, and then when it's released it's mediocre anyways.  I just don't get it.

Pretty much more of the same from Nintendo, sad to say.

Killer_Man_JaroTom Malina, Associate Editor (Europe)June 05, 2012

I don't think you guys were too negative at all. That was a fair and accurate summary, in my view. I'm in agreement that it was missing the whizz-bang feeling that we were hoping for.

I'm torn. There was a good amount of software, both first-party and third-party, that I'm either really enthusiastic about or at least curious to see more. However, you guys are right in saying that the surprise and the bombast was somewhat absent. Ah, what to do...

I am not ready to commit to a Day 1 purchase just yet (although if the launch date falls right around my birthday, that could tip the balance). That said, the show is starting now and your impressions to come in the near future could sway me.

NeoStar9XJune 05, 2012

ZombiU demo.


Overall I was happy with the presentation. There were not big reveals and I was disappointed there was no "One more thing...". However for much of the ports we have footage for them from other sources. I do agree they wasted to much time on Batman. Based on the demo ZombiU would have been a better choice to focus on as that is look very interesting and could be my favorite game so far out E3 outside of Watch_Dogs, The Last of Us, and Pikmin 3.

I do hope we see more from Nintendo tonight. The Miiverse is suppose to be explained and I think that is when we'll get information on the online system and maybe Retro's game or something like that. Similar to how we say Ghost Recon and Killer Freaks last year.

house3136June 05, 2012

The most important part to remember is this is Wii U’s first year. When I see Arkham City, I don’t care, but at least third party developers are making an initial effort. What about the next Batman game; that’s what’s important. Not every game anticipated was shown. However, Nintendo isn’t scared to make big announcements outside of E3 (NSMB2, ND pre-E3). I was somewhat underwhelmed too, but I think TGS, and Nintendo’s adaptation to social media will bring more information outside of today.

NintendadJune 05, 2012

Too negative? You were much more positive than I expected. Maybe that's the effect of not have James Jones with you?

My initial reaction after the show was meh. It started off great and then just ended with a whimper. I believe Nintendo Land should be a pack in. I hate it when Nintendo focuses so much time on games such as these.

With the exception of the mini-games from Nintendo Land, I don't remember seeing anything that couldn't be done on another console. I'm hoping the 3DS show tomorrow provides a little more excitement.

CericJune 05, 2012

Nintendo-Land will be the game on the System.  I can almost say that with 100% certainty because the released date Reggie said was literally "When the WiiU Hardware is Released"  Everything else was at launch or launch window.  I don't remember hearing anything that screams the contrary.

NintendoFanboyJune 05, 2012

Havent heard the podcast yet, just wanted to say, as a hardcore nintendo fan, i'm not sold.
the hardcore will, say yea, and ?  then go back to CoD MW. or some other ps3 360 game.
I cant believe their BIG game was pikmin, PIKMIN? really?!
Nothing tosee here move along. NINTENDO FAIL!
sorry hate on me if u want. thats how i feel.

UrameshiGUJune 05, 2012

So, um, isn't anyone here kind of pissed after watching the press conference? I mean wasn't everyone expecting at least one one stellar title to be shown aside from Pikmin 3 and Mario (i.e. Metroid, Zelda, Star Fox, F-Zero, Smash Bros.)? Wasn't anyone expecting them to show at least one game that demonstrates how powerful the console is vs. the PS360? Wasn't anyone expecting them to at least talk about the system? They merely mentioned features that we were already made privy to on Sunday! Im utterly stunned at how a company that is introducing a new system can drop the ball so hard (especially after Sony and Microsoft left plenty of room for them to make an impression). This is coming from a diehard Nintendo fan, but the Wii U went from a shoe-in purchase for me on Sunday to a doubtful purchase after I saw this press conference. I thought they learned from their mistakes with the Wii but I'm starting to wonder if they learned anything.

shinyray01June 05, 2012

i was hoping to see an never before seen Nintendo 1st party game. everything they showed up we pretty much new. Nintendoland to me seems like they're going to put together all of the Techdemos from E3 last year into one game.

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