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E3 2010 Special Episode 4: Games of the Show

by Jonathan Metts - June 20, 2010, 11:29 am PDT
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The E3 on-site crew gathers one last time for a run-down of the top Wii and DS games of E3 2010.

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For our last E3 podcast, the crew (sans Karlie) circled up around the microphone to list and discuss our Games of the Show nominees for Wii and DS. (We don't cover 3DS on this episode, since there weren't enough real game demos on the new system.)

This episode was edited by Karl Castaneda.


happyastoriaJune 20, 2010

Thank you for all the podcast. On the subject of Donkey Kong: Retro confirmed that the new DK game will be playable NES style.

greybrickNathan Mustafa, Staff AlumnusJune 20, 2010

You guys are podcasting beasts!

- After a listen, I decided that I am going to save this episode for whenever I need to lull myself to sleep. Never before have I heard so many tired people, whispering in an NPR like manner about Nintendo. Not to say it was a bad episode, it is great provided you.... can.... *yawn*.... stay awake.  ;)

Thanks for plugging away at these things guys.

PabloYJune 21, 2010

I just want to salute the crew, you guys sounded absolutely spent. Great job guys!

Part of it also is that we were recording in TYP's house, where his parents were sleeping, and didn't want to wake them. So it was a struggle to be loud enough for the microphone and quiet enough to avoid disturbing others. And yes, we were totally broken as well.

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