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E3 2010 Special Episode 2: Day of Nintendo

by Jonathan Metts - June 16, 2010, 1:49 am PDT
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After a long day at E3, we gather around the table to comment on Nintendo's press conference and first impressions of the new games and 3DS system.

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Join the E3 gang as James, Mike (TYP), Neal, and Jonny sit down to discuss the first day of E3 proper. It began with Nintendo's momentous press conference, full of Zelda, Kirby, Kid Icarus, 3DS, and win. We hit the high points of Reggie's opus, interspersing observations with further insights gained from playing these games and seeing the new portable system later in the day.

This episode was edited by James Jones.


SouthForkJune 16, 2010

Good Stuff. Thanks for keeping us up to date on the minute. My Twitter feed was blowing up yesterday. Neal and James sound like complete polar opposites. Makes for some good laughs. Would love to hear some of Greg's thoughts on the conference. I'm assuming you watched online Greg?

Also, I love how Reggie let everyone experience 3D without the glasses before those same people headed over to Sony's conference only to receive glasses at the door. I wonder if there was a leak about what Sony had planned and Nintendo knew they had to get the 3DS into peoples hands before they left the show. Brilliant!

As someone who owns all the systems I must say Nintendo blew me away. I felt like a giddy 10 year old again watching that conference.

ShyGuyJune 16, 2010



KDR_11kJune 17, 2010

Depending on how you interpret the blue ocean push this E3 wasn't actually an abandoning of that concept but the realization that the appeal to the expanded audience exists in more than just mii-based small games. Malstrom keeps calling the blue ocean approach of Nintendo a return of the old school. Games like Mario Kart and NSMB Wii are selling huge despite being far from the traditional view of casual games so there might be something to that. Nintendo is realizing that the NES appealed to large parts of what is now the expanded audience (the lapsed gamers and many who missed the gaming wave back then) and that it's not the traditional gameyness that's keeping them away but some parts of the modern game evolution. DKC and Kirby are both 2D since NSMB has shown that NES-style games appeal to the expanded audience as well as the current core gamer.

Food for thought: Back in the Atari era games weren't yet stigmatized as entertainment for young males, videogames were for everybody. Over time that changed, probably with the whole "Sega does what Nintendon't" wave where consoles started competing over edgyness and went all out focusing on the young male demographic.

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