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E3 2010 Special Episode 1: Day 0

by James Jones - June 15, 2010, 2:53 am PDT
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It's Monday, the week of E3. That means lots of press conferences!

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James hosts Jared Rosenberg, Karlie Yeung, and Neal Ronaghan on this very special, very late kick-off to E3 2010.

We discuss Microsoft's E3 press conference, more pressingly the accessory formally known as Natal, EA's press presentation, and Ubisoft's "reshaping" of gaming. Finally, we set our sights on the Activision press...event, perhaps the most extravagant production in the last thousand years of human history.

Join us tomorrow, when we'll discuss Nintendo's press conference (including Zelda and 3DS) as well as the games we played following the show floor finally opening.

This episode was edited by James Jones.


Stupid iTunes won't update so I won't get this before work. Damn.

SundoulosJune 15, 2010

Whoa.  James, your voice sounds completely different.  I didn't recognize it at first.

I'm glad I couldn't watch the Activision event...it sounds like I would have been really turned off.

Great update!  Thanks for all the hard work.

mustbeburtJune 15, 2010

is anyone else not seeing this episode in itunes?  i've refreshed like 10 times and Episode 198 is still the most recent.

noname2200June 15, 2010

Thanks for staying up, everyone.  Strippers, eh?  That's...huh.

There was a problem with the AAC version, and the feeds weren't updated when this story originally went up, but both were corrected as of Tuesday morning (before the Nintendo press conference).

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