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PAX East: Sleepcast

by Jonathan Metts - March 28, 2010, 11:50 am PDT
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Sleepy NWR editors discuss the first day of PAX East. More podcasts from the event are coming soon!

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This is our "sleepcast" from the first night of PAX East. Tired and bewildered NWR staff members gathered in Neal and Lauren's otel room to discuss the events of the day and our early impressions of the convention itself. It was actually the third show we recorded on Friday -- just listen for details on the RFN Live panel and the Magic lesson, both of which should be forthcoming in audio form. We're also working on more video posts and the epic "drunkcast" from Saturday night, so keep checking the feed and NWR for more updates!


This podcast was edited by Karl Castaneda.


happyastoriaMarch 28, 2010

can't waite to hear this

TJ SpykeMarch 28, 2010

I'm listening to it now, I can't wait for you guys to upload the panel discussion. I wish I could have gone (but Boston is like a 12 hour drive and I don't have a car, so I would have had to convince someone to take me and I would have had to miss two class finals tomorrow).

happyastoriaMarch 28, 2010

i'm glade you guys had fun! i really want to hear the Q & A you guys were talking about. please post it soon!!!!!!!!

ShyGuyMarch 28, 2010

Sounds like PAX east was smaller. At the two Seattle PAX's I went to, you could spend a couple hours just touring the floor, even if you didn't demo the games.

SouthForkMarch 28, 2010

Please tell me someone got a pic of James with they Bayonetta chick.

TJ SpykeMarch 28, 2010

Quote from: ShyGuy²

Sounds like PAX east was smaller. At the two Seattle PAX's I went to, you could spend a couple hours just touring the floor, even if you didn't demo the games.

I think that was confirmed months ago. PAX East is designed to basically just be PAX-mini, a taste of what the real PAX is. I'm sure it is still a good show, but it was never gonna be as big as the normal one.

NWR_KarlKarl Castaneda, Contributing EditorMarch 28, 2010

My apologies for there being around 2 minutes of silence at the tail end of this. I cut Midnight Special for the outro, but I apparently forgot to re-adjust the track-stop. That one's on me.

As for the other podcasts coming up, here's what we should be looking at, in order of priority:

RFN Live Panel: I'm going to try my damnedest to get this up tomorrow, but on account of work, it probably won't be until the evening. I'd do it right now, but I have to work on it a bit to make up for a little technical snafu (don't worry - it won't affect the final product in the least, and you'd never know about it, even if you were there, if I wasn't saying so right now).

RFN Hotelcast Vol. 2, AKA The League of Extraordinarily Drunk Gentlmen, AKA The Drunkcast, AKA SEXMO: This thing is a beast, and I'm gonna have to work on adjusting the audio levels (thanks last-night versions of me, Sklens, Lindy, Jonny, Neal, Lauren, and James - drunk yelling makes this soooo much easier), but I should still be able to get it done by Tuesday night, if not earlier.

This Magic Moment, AKA Radio Free Magic the Gathering, AKA Adventures in Nerdery: We've made note of it multiple times, but this "episode" is really nothing more than a B-Sides for people who just want more after we've put out everything else (beyond the podcasts, too - there are tons of video blogs on Lindy's computer that you guys NEED to see). There are definitely some fun moments to be had, and if you're a fan of going off the rails, then you'll love this, though. I know it's probably up there for Mr. Jonny Metts.

At the end of the day, we got tons and tons of stuff recorded at PAX, so if it's more you want, just stay tuned, because that's just what you're getting.

EDIT: Oh, and for the record, none of us got any pictures with ANY of the multiple Bayonetas. They were all freakishly tall, had no business being in a costume that tight, or seemed to be paid models.

NWR_DrewMGAndy Goergen, AlmunusMarch 28, 2010

Thanks for getting these out so quickly, Karl.  As always, you remain the original NWR Podcast guru. 

I loved this first episode, Karl, and seriously look forward to the next installments. If I'm ever in the same room with you guys, I'll teach you how to play the UFS card game with my Penny Arcade decks.

D_AverageMarch 28, 2010

Good show guys!

KisakiProjectMarch 29, 2010

Awesome that you guys got to play Vectrixx.  That was the first console I played when I was a little boy.  It was awesome and my first introduction ot video games at like 5 or 6.

Look forward to the PAX panel audio.  Wish I could have gone.

NWR_KarlKarl Castaneda, Contributing EditorMarch 29, 2010

RFN Live is encoding as I type this. Expect it later tonight!

TJ SpykeMarch 29, 2010

I've never even seen a Vectrex, but it's long before my time (i'm 23). I probably would have tried it out just for fun.

How long is the RFN Live that is going up tonight?

NWR_KarlKarl Castaneda, Contributing EditorMarch 29, 2010

The Vectrex was pretty rad. I played some Pole Position on it, and the controls were kind of funky, but the animation was surprisingly good.

Anywho, RFN Live is only a little over an hour long. We only had a one-hour slot in the program, and there was another panel that needed to set up right afterward, so we couldn't really go over that.

yoshi1001March 29, 2010

Technical tip: Sounds like you guys tried plugging a balanced microphone into a stereo mic jack. As a result, the audio sounds really wide (basically, the two channels are inverse waveforms). Assuming you're using Audacity (most other apps should have a similar functionality) and you ever run into this again, the correct solution is to split the stereo track, select one of the channels in its entirity, invert it (there should be a built-in inversion filter in Audacity), then recombine the two tracks. It's an honest mistake, since the balanced plug looks just like a stereo plug. More info:


ShyGuyMarch 29, 2010

Where's my additional podcasts, Hombre?

greybrickNathan Mustafa, Staff AlumnusMarch 29, 2010

Quote from: ShyGuy²

Where's my additional podcasts, Hombre?

I get the feeling something may have gone wrong with the recordings, maybe Jon accidentally (or intentionally?) recorded his Lady Gaga impression over the panel.

ShyGuyMarch 29, 2010

Disco Stick?

greybrickNathan Mustafa, Staff AlumnusMarch 29, 2010

Well that was a Google I regretted.

The sleepcast turned out better than I expected. I listened on the way home from PAX and found it to be reasonably entertaining. Nevertheless, the upcoming drunkcast is in a different league.

The panel audio is now available, by the way. Karl is cranking these out as fast as he can. yoshi, I'll make sure he sees your tip.

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