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Episode 170: Three Way

by Jonathan Metts - November 15, 2009, 10:24 am PST
Total comments: 23

Leaner and goofier, the RFN crew catches up on Listener Mail in this pre-Mario episode.

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It's been hard to get everyone together lately, and Greg takes a turn of absence this week. That means we did a rare three-man podcast (hot), although it didn't make the conversation as efficient as you'd think.

James is back and inevitably has an axe to grind with his latest review copy, C.O.P. The Recruit for DS, which is not helped by its amusingly dubious grasp of street slang. The rest of New Business covers more DJ Hero, the never-ending Last Remnant, Wii Fit Plus and Sports Resort, plus Jonny ranting on Metal Gear Solid 4. Next week should have far more Nintendo content, with the release of New Super Mario Bros. Wii and Greg's impressions of Sin & Punishment 2.

The second half of our show is devoted to your emails. We dig back a few weeks to answer letters about a number of topics. You asked about Nintendo MMOs, Virtual Console recommendations, the effect of MotionPlus on NES-style Wii controls, the appeal of DSi XL, and more.

We've had to postpone the next part of our Shining Force II RetroActive, but if you've been playing along with us you can still leave your thoughts and join the conversation in the forum discussion thread.

We're always looking for great Listener Mail to read and discuss on the show, so please send your questions or comments! (We really love seeing your praise and feedback regarding the show itself; however, in the interest of time, we may edit your letter to be read on the podcast.)


This podcast was edited by Greg Leahy.

Music for this episode of Radio Free Nintendo is used with permission from Jason Ricci & New Blood. You can purchase their newest album, Done with the Devil, directly from the record label, Amazon.com, or iTunes, or call your local record store and ask for it!

Additional music for this episode of Radio Free Nintendo is copyrighted to Nintendo, and is included under fair use protection.


D_AverageNovember 15, 2009

Sweet.  Downloading now.

PlugabugzNovember 15, 2009


Greg is absent but still editing? *sulk*

Jet PilotNovember 15, 2009

Does Retro Active return next week?  I was looking forward to that segment all week.  Disappointed.  :(

It's up in the air, Jet. I'll be absent, but I can leave my remaining comments in the forum thread. If we have a guest in my seat, it may depend on whether the guest has played SF2.

Great show, guys.

Homie Rollerz was a game that was so bad it was good...in a bad way. I agree with Jonny about MGS4 for the most part. I enjoyed the gameplay, what little there was, but the constant cutscenes left me exhausted. Just wait until you beat the game, dude. There's a long-ass cutscene, then the credit role, then WAIT FOR IT...a much LONGER cutscene ensues. Then you're ranked for the final mission. THEN THEY DO IT AGAIN.

When I got to Act 4, MGS4 went from "tolerable" to "awesome". I hope it keeps up the momentum for the fifth and final act. And yeah, I've been warned about the never-ending ending. I'll block out a couple of hours for it.

broodwarsNovember 16, 2009

Excellent, another convert to Valkyria Chronicles!  So long as you're willing to look past a little weak writing (there are 2 specific scenes in the game I have serious problems with) towards the middle of the game, Jonny, you should adore that game.  :)

Regarding the MGS4 discussion: it's interesting that you complained that the game gave you too many choices in weaponry, Jonny.  I recently played through the 2 PS3 Ratchet & Clank Future games, and I had a similar problem: there's a laundry list of weapons, but there's really no reason to use most of them so you tend to pick 2-3 that you really like and just spam the hell out of them.

btw, considering we practically had Disaster: Day of Crisis - The Movie come out in theaters this week (2012), I'm surprised that didn't get a mention.  ;)

I'm glad my "so bad it's good" question sparked a good discussion. While I don't think every example you came up with fits my idea, several of them that I wouldn't have thought of myself definitely did.

NWR_DrewMGAndy Goergen, AlmunusNovember 16, 2009

Great show this week.  Nice to hear James on the show again. 

Quote from: NWR_DrewMG

Great show this week.  Nice to hear James on the show again. 

To quote Greg, "James Jones is a sodding tosser"

YoshidiousGreg Leahy, Staff AlumnusNovember 16, 2009

Quote from: NWR_Lindy

Quote from: NWR_DrewMG

Great show this week.  Nice to hear James on the show again. 

To quote Greg, "James Jones is a sodding tosser"

I suppose I said this dressed in an England football shirt, in-between sipping tea and singing both verses of "God Save the Queen"? And to think, you actually complained about Bear Hugger.

ShyGuyNovember 16, 2009

Hey Greg, I've been listening to the Ricky Gervais show. Do you call people from Manchester "Mancs"?

YoshidiousGreg Leahy, Staff AlumnusNovember 16, 2009

I do not personally use that term, but I've heard it used by others a fair bit. There are other such terms for certain city-dwellers here, like Geordies for Newcastle, Scousers for Liverpool, and Brummies for Birmingham, and I don't often use any of them. 

D_AverageNovember 16, 2009

Haha. Scousers. I like that.

Anyways. I'd better Target Terror is soooooo bad it's good. I still need to pick that up. In similar fassion, the bikini mode in ghost squad is basically just that.

Jet PilotNovember 16, 2009

@ John

You didn't mention it on the show, but I'd like to know your thoughts on the rest of Uncharted for PS3.

I just bought a PS3 (about two weeks ago) and picked up Uncharted with the console (I've heard nothing but good things about the game and your praise for the title in the podcast pushed it over the top).

I thought it was a great game, but I did think the zombie like creatures at the end were a little out of place.  Made it seem like a Resident Evil game on a South Pacific island for a couple chapters. Other than that, I thought the game evoked a great atmosphere and was an amazing experience.

I've got Uncharted 2 coming my way shortly...Christmas gift from my loving wife  :D.  Everything I've read so far says that Uncharted 2 is even better than the original, so that means it must be a great game.

kraken613November 16, 2009

Great show again! I love long listener mail segments interesting conversation!

GearBoxClockNovember 17, 2009

Good show. I do have to say, a lot of Daft Punk in DJ Hero makes me more, not less, interested.

ShyGuyNovember 17, 2009

Right on to Jonny about the cycling in WiiFit Plus. That is my favorite mini game so far. I'm becoming obsessed with Miyamoto's Island.

SundoulosNovember 18, 2009

Looking forward to listening to this.  It will keep me company during my long flight back from Boston to Rocket Town.

I listened to this for some reason (something I never do when I'm on, unless its for some weird thing we did beyond the podcast itself).  Very out-of-body.

I do like how I fundamentally failed to describe Miami Nights: The Recruit and yet it is still painfully apparent how wrong this went.

And just to fill in a blank I left during the show, Spaniards developed this game.

adadadNovember 19, 2009

Good episode guys, especially enjoyable stinger.

On the listener question about love-to-hate games, one game I had an interesting relationship with was Sonic Adventure 2...I loved it. But there are so many flaws, the controls are terrible, most of the missions (especially those not involving Sonic or Shadow) are overly long and mindnumbingly boring, the story is atrocious - it is utterly hilarious when Sonic and Tails chase the president around some insane spaghetti junction and finally jump into his limosine via the sunroof to have a chat with the president! The game is by no means broken, but going back to it just two months ago showed me how the game has aged terribly, and feels incredibly stilted. Yet I can't help but like it. Seems to me a lot of older games at the very least have a lot of character to them and I can't help but admire that.

An incredibly mediocre shareware title I remember my family absolutely obsessing over back in the day was a highly obscure Amiga title, Charlie Chimp. Ugh, that was played, everyday for years it seems like, with a broken joystick that lead to a lot of extreme frustration as Charlie would only climb up a vine 50% of the time you pushed the stick up. An essential maneovre was only possible to pull off 50% of the time, if that. Horrendous. I could never and still cannot see the appeal in attempting to play something when you have fundamentally broken controls! Plus it's a crap, irritating as anything game. Oh god, I can't believe I'm actually tempted to try redownloading it all these years later!

PaleMike Gamin, Contributing EditorDecember 11, 2009

Again, I'm way behind on podcasts but I just wanted to come in here and say...

Western New York power!


PaleMike Gamin, Contributing EditorDecember 11, 2009

Oh man... now I need to defend my DS PHATTEST rant again.. =P

My entire point is that I believe this XL DS is a worse piece of hardware than the current DSi for the majority of the population and, at the time, I was paranoid that it would be REPLACING the DSi completely.

That is why I thought Nintendo was stupid... not because they were making the hardware in general. =P

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