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Episode 86: Perverted Messiah

by Jonathan Metts - February 12, 2008, 10:11 pm PST
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Get in the hot tub!

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There Will Be Fridge-Cleaning

The parade of special guests continues, as Michael "TYP" Cole sits in the proverbially musical fifth chair, which turns out to be a real metal chair in Jonny's apartment. They took a break from skiing and driving all over the Rockies to discuss movies, board games, and even video games. The usual gang (Lindy, James, and Greg) are also on hand to discuss various goings-on, highlighted by Jon's horrifying tale of cleaning out the Virtual Console refrigerator, a metaphor that truly never gets old. James also takes us into the frightening, psycho-sexual world of Miami Nights: Singles in the City.

In the absence of forum threads to pick over, we read and discuss more reader mail, look at this week's Virtual Console releases, and even get into a bit of news. This episode is a bit leaner than the last few, but it's packed with laughs!


This podcast was edited by James Jones.

Music for this episode of Radio Free Nintendo is used with permission from Jason Ricci & New Blood. You can purchase their new album, Rocket Number 9, directly from the record label, or download it from iTunes, or call your local record store and ask for it!


walkingdead2February 16, 2008

dont you ever talk bad about Christopher Walken... and besides, he has done a lot of bad movies before ball of furry.

It's mah podcast I'll talk bad if I wanna.

Goldeneye story = ::thumbs up::

But shame shame on admitting to letting your kids start out on Halo 3. Where's the lolo in their early gaming regimen? Where's the Zelda? The Incredible machine? The point-and-click adventure games?

YES!!! YES!!! Thank you for playing the I like to move it move it music! You're so awesome guys!

Hurrah! You're reading my e-mail!

Note to future readers: After you hear the words "Master of Disguise 2" turn your volume down.

I played it during the recording session.  I almost made their reaction the stinger.  There was a split second you could FEEL disbelief and confusion.

YoshidiousGreg Leahy, Staff AlumnusFebruary 18, 2008

Quote from: Crimm

I played it during the recording session.  I almost made their reaction the stinger.  There was a split second you could FEEL disbelief and confusion.

He's not exaggerating.

vuduFebruary 29, 2008

Re:  Jonny’s story about a publisher complaining to him about Bloodworth’s “negative” impressions

The publisher Jonny eluded to is Activision and the game is most likely Call of Duty 3.  (Although, I suppose it could be Marvel: Ultimate Alliance or
Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam.)


Nice work, vudu.  But you didn't get it right.

Quote from: Jonnyboy117

Nice work, vudu.  But you didn't get it right.


vuduMarch 01, 2008

Did I at least get the Activision part right?

ClexYoshiDecember 29, 2013


I finally got to the point in my backlog listening to where I've gotten up to the second season. I gotta say, it didn't take long for you guys to click, that's for certain. There's some really hilarious and energetic stuff from the past 3 episodes here that is just... absolutely golden. As much as I would like to point people towards 103, I think some of these early season 2 episodes or the Muscle March one would be what i'd point a new listener to to explain that magical group dynamic you guys have.

Hearing stuff like this is like medicine for the soul. I'm now -REALLY- looking forward to F-Zero (G)X retroactive just to hear Greg again. <3

I forgot the old talkbacks to the podcast were in this folder.

When you've done like 300 of these they blend together, but I remember this one when I saw the title. Miami -friggin- Nights.

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