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Episode 59: Nintendomon

by Karl Castaneda - July 6, 2007, 2:46 am PDT
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Speaking of transitions...

After last week's jam-packed news segment, this week might seem a little more cooled off by comparison. There's still the announcement of WiiWare, though, and we definitely compensate with a great New Business in which I admit weakness, Mike's disdain for the ESRB, and some tips on setting up your HDTV for the Wii. We close out the show with an E3 2007 preview, so you'll want to listen all the way through.

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This podcast was edited by Karl Castaneda.

Music for this episode of Radio Free Nintendo is used with permission from Jason Ricci & New Blood. You can also purchase their album directly from the iTunes Music Store


vuduJuly 06, 2007

Just popping in here to point out that there still aren't reviews up for either Shrek or Naruto.

Also, I found it funny that after Karl read a small portion of my post, Jonny said that the ESRB is the lesser of two evils (compared to government regulation). I said the exact same thing in a portion of the post that wasn't read. Did Jonny get to read the whole post? Did I get ripped off, or is it just a coincidence?

Coincidence. I didn't read any of the Hot Topic posts prior to our discussion on the air.

Caffeinated CheeseJuly 06, 2007

Popping in about my comment, you guys made the same point I did. I said that the ESRB would work if you could find info about games in the newspaper, TV and things like that. If the games received the wide-scale notoriety that movies did, people would understand a whole lot more about games, as well as what the ratings mean. Newspapers review nearly every movie, and if they would review just one or two games a week, people would have greater understanding.

Now, when you consider that the ESRB works closely with virtually all retailers in the United States, I have to say that I think they had a hand in keeping these stores from selling Ao games. There's a section in the FAQ on their website that makes me think this, maybe I'll find it and link to it.

Patchkid15Patrick Barnett, Associate EditorJuly 06, 2007

I think Kirby would be a good game to reveal at this E3. There are some screen shots. Hopefully it goes somewhere.

nickmitchJuly 06, 2007

Wasn't Metroid fusion Metroid IV? So, wouldn't Metroid Dread really be Metroid V?

nickmitchJuly 06, 2007


Dudes, I want that Wiimote-as-theremin video too!

Hmmm... I don't know about DS Jam Sessions. Convince me? I know for a fact that I lack the ambition to learn real guitar... I was actually quite excited for this to begin with but since then have been doubting myself, and the wisdom of the purchase...

I'm gonna get RE4 Wii sometime this month, I'm hoping that it really does make the game playable for me. I'm just sorta not getting the GC version.

@ claims of censorship... *yawn* The ESRB is NOT censorship. It is CAPITALISM that's censoring it. It's $$$. It always comes down to that.

Hey, I played the AO version of Leisure Suit Larry. Interesting uh... yeah. The (not original) developer DID completely re-imagine it, but there were some redeeming features to it, like an intrigueing mini-game that you play as the game switches between a branched pre-recorded humorous conversation based on your performance. The truth is that the game was mediocre, but it was NOT "horrible" as some are apt to label it for lack of understanding and extensive play-through.

Ooh! E3 Preview!!! Ooh! Wii Music! *drool*

BAH. Wii Sports 2 and nongamers are compatible with online gaming. Pure random matchmaking, quite easily done.

vuduJuly 06, 2007


Originally posted by: Kairon
Dudes, I want that Wiimote-as-theremin video too!
Star Trek + Theremin + Wiimote + Moog = ?

ShyGuyJuly 07, 2007

Turning down the sharpness on a larger LCD TV is often a good idea as well.

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