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Episode 17: Always Mention Super Paper Mario

by Evan Burchfield - September 13, 2006, 3:25 pm PDT
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Mike and Evan are back to chat endlessly about Wii, Super Paper Mario, and PS3.

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And your mom. No really, she's hot.

Mike has been on hiatus for sometime and we are pleased as punches to have him back. Not only is he Supremo Podcast Editor the First but he is also desperately handsome. I'm not lying. And to keep it old school, we've foregone the inclusion of a third staffer. This is RETRO Radio Free Nintendo (we even mention Super Paper Mario).

You can also listen to the podcast on .

We love Super Paper Mario so much that we titled our podcast after it. In this episode, Mike and Evan (mostly Evan) make all kinds of claims about Wii and Nintendo's upcoming fourth quarter releases. In just a few short days we shall see this podcast either vindicated or outdated (maybe both at the same time). Listen and enjoy the prophetic utterances (or mock them in the Talkback thread, whichever).

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This one's on the house.


ShyGuySeptember 13, 2006

Hmm, Nice that this gets posted on the eve of the Megaton, when all eyes are on the news page face-icon-small-wink.gif

Karl Castaneda #2September 13, 2006

Check again for the Friday 'cast, where at least one Pirate will make an appearance, and maybe another special guest star!

Jome20September 14, 2006

Hey Evan,

I thought it was great that you mentioned Black Friday and Fred Meyer's especially.

I go shopping on Black Friday every year for probably the past 10 years or so. And actually Fred Meyer's has some of the best sales of all the stores.

You're right, they do have a huge sale, 50% off, on all their socks. And they have boxes and boxes of socks spread out around the clothing aisles and tons of people go through them and buy them every year.

But are you really surprised? 50% is a good deal! And socks are like $10 - $12 for a few pairs normally.

Hehe... enough about socks though. Fred Meyer's is my favorite place to shop on Black Friday because they always have a sale on videogames. It's usually 20% off for all videogames (every system) and 25% off all PC games. Occasionally they have a sale on video accessories as well.

Fred Meyer's also hands out free donut holes, apple juice, and coffee.

I definitely recommend going this year, that way you can snag some great deals on some new Wii games!

Good call on the November 19th release date guys. I was hoping it would be the 5th or the 12th, but it really doesn't matter.

The $249.99 isn't too surprising, although I was definitely hoping for $199.99. With Wii Sports included it's a pretty good deal.

The only thing that really bugs me is that the Wii remote is $39.99 and you have to buy the nunchuk separately for $19.99, so each controller is roughly $60. That's a little steep when you want to have 4 players, not to mention picking up at least one and possibly more of the Classic Controller at $14.99. If you had 4 Remotes, 4 Nunchuks, and 4 classic controllers you're looking at spending around $250 (after tax) just for your multiplayer control setup.

Lastly, with the delay of Metroid Prime 3 (not surprised) do you think they're going to add multiplayer or even online multiplayer to the game? Or do you think they want the extra time to polish the game up? Or is it just marketing scheme (aka: Metroid won't sell as much when competing against Zelda and all other launch games, let's release it in January / February to fill the void before Smash Bros and Mario)?

Well at least for the most part, we have our answers and we know what to expect and when to expect it!

- Jome20

SvevanEvan Burchfield, Staff AlumnusSeptember 16, 2006

Actually Jome, for the answer to your Metroid Prime 3 question, please listen to our NEXT Podcast, coming up very shortly! (Shameless teaser)

I agree on the controller cost: excessive. I will not buy many controllers are at launch, that's for sure. Probably just an extra remote, maybe a nunchuk depending on how many games I get.

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