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Episode 16: Talkin' 'Bout My bit Generations

by Karl Castaneda - September 6, 2006, 12:46 pm PDT
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Another 3-Staffer Extravaganza!

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I want a Jet Black DS so that I can sell it for $50,000 used in Japan.

Are you ready for another Stan-Karl Power Hour? Well too bad, sucker, 'cause this one's closer to a half hour. Also, it's not limited to Stan and myself - Steven "WindyMan" Rodriguez makes his podcast debut this week. How did he do? Well, there's good and there's bad and there's his performance. I'm not going to say much more than that... because it pains me to recall how terrible it was.

You can also listen to the podcast on .

This week on Radio Free Nintendo (sorry, Nintendo Pirate Radio is taking the week off - I know, I know), Stan, Steven, and I talk about how the Jet Black DS Lite is selling like gangbusters in Japan, and briefly speculate on how it'll do when it arrives in the States. The main course has to do with bit Generations, however. Windy picked up a copy online recently, and he's been enamored with it ever since. Check out why this collection of simple-yet-complex GBA games will own your soul (and $40).

Finally, on a more somber note, we say goodbye to Steve Irwin, also known as The Crocodile Hunter, who died in a tragic accident this past weekend. We're all going to miss his hijinks, and our condolences to his fans, his family, and Aussies everywhere.

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SvevanEvan Burchfield, Staff AlumnusSeptember 06, 2006

GREAT way to end the Podcast, Karl, with that insanely gross comment about Crocodile body parts and their interaction with Steve Irwin. THANKS FOR RUINING MY DAY.

ShyGuySeptember 06, 2006

Hey Evan, when are you going to start podcasting again?

SvevanEvan Burchfield, Staff AlumnusSeptember 06, 2006

I lost my voice after a long fight with a passerby in a park about the essence of cinema and the importance of critical dialog. It wasn't until later that I was informed the passerby was just a statue, so I guess it was all for nothing.

Next week, probably.

PryopizmStan Ferguson, Staff AlumnusSeptember 07, 2006

A shiny new quarter to anyone who can find the exact place where my recording tools ceased to function and I ended up having to either HACK AND EDIT the parts where I said something or simply rerecord my previous lines.

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