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Episode 4: Rumorton

by Mike Sklens - June 6, 2006, 8:57 pm PDT
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We've replaced Evan with a special guest host. Let's see if anybody notices.

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Tag Team, back again!

In less civilized areas of the world, such as Oregon, people are often mauled by bears. Evan's not here this week, I'll leave you to figure out why. Thankfully, our good friend Chris Kohler from Wired's Game|Life blog offered to fill his shoes for this week's Radio Free Nintendo.

As it always is now, the AAC version of this podcast is enhanced. What that means is that all you lucky people out there using iTunes or an iPod get extra goodies with your podcast. These goodies may include, but are not limited to, chapter marks, images, links to informative articles, and a smug sense of superiority.

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With Evan gone, we got a lot more done this week. A whole bunch of topics are covered, mostly related to a myriad of rumors surrounding Wii. You might learn a little bit about the Virtual Console, launch date and price, and character mapping, but only if you pay attention. In addition, we also go on for a few minutes about how awesome Rhythm Tengoku is going to be.

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ShyGuyJune 06, 2006

What corner of the country does Wired boy live in that the PSP has the buzz in the US? It seems to be all about the DS where I go.

Awesome episode, guys.

Karl Castaneda #2June 07, 2006

Yeah, Chris Kohler was a nice surprise.

PaleMike Gamin, Contributing EditorJune 07, 2006

Listening now...

mantidorJune 07, 2006

wasn't there going to be something about that face recognition idea for the GameBoy camera? I vaguely remember that it was going to be implemented in perfect dark or something but at the end they decided to not do it.

Karl Castaneda #2June 07, 2006

Yeah, there was, mantidor. I was pretty young at the time (10, I think), so I'm not sure of the specifics, but I think it had something do to with the Columbine shootings and Nintendo wanting to avoid players shooting "real faces."

Oh, this is a fun topic. Maybe we can cover it in the next podcast. To summarize:

Using the GB Camera and Transfer Pak, Rare showed a face-mapping feature for Perfect Dark at E3 '99. When the game was delayed later that year, one of the changes announced was that this feature had to be removed "for technical reasons". Some people at Rare later said that it was working perfectly and was removed entirely for political reasons.

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