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Kaichu (Switch) Review Mini

by Neal Ronaghan - September 8, 2022, 10:13 am EDT
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Answer questions accurately to win the heart of a monster.

High-concept dating simulators are typically my entrypoint into the genre, whether it’s Pixel Puzzle Makeout League’s pairing with Picross or Boyfriend Dungeon’s mingling with dungeon crawling. So when a kaiju dating simulator was on the horizon for Switch, my ears perked up. Surely Kaichu, a game in which you control a kaiju trying to date another kaiju, would be eclectic and weird and silly. Unfortunately, Kaichu is repetitive and flat, with the only saving grace being the comedy of the premise and presentation.

The setup is amusing, presenting two news anchors relaying the events of playable character Gigachu pairing up with another beast and going on dates destroying world monuments like the Statue of Liberty and the Great Wall of China. When you go on these dates with one of six different kaiju, all you do is answer multiple choice prompts that have a great, okay, and bad response. They’re compatibility questions where you have to answer correctly as to what the volcano kaiju’s favorite animal is or if they prefer a younger or older partner. Clues to the kaiju’s preferences can be found in the news anchor’s presentations as well as just clever application of what a giant bird might prefer.

Issues abound when over the course of several dates, you start to see questions repeat and it sets in that these cute segments of question and answer—while watching two monsters smash Mount Rushmore to bits and maybe kiss at the end—are all there is to Kaichu. Everything is in the writing, which is amusing but repetitive and straightforward. Within 20 minutes of playing, I saw repeated questions. And the whole game is essentially six different sets of the same dates with different kaiju. It’s cute, but unsubstantial. It gets worse if you actually fail a romance. Flubbing questions will progress a broken heart meter that if filled, ends the game. Your option after that point? Pick up from a previous save. Go to that previous save and then, well, replay the same exact questions you likely already saw more than once already. It’s rough.

To a degree, Kaichu is what it set out to be. A modest Kickstarter success, this was never pitched to be a massive, huge game. Even still, it’s not something I’d recommend to the majority of people. Unless you’re really into the idea of a kaiju dating sim that is actually just a set of trial-and-error multiple choice quizzes with nice animation, there’s no reason to take Gigachu on a world tour of destructive dates.


  • Clever writing
  • Nice animation
  • Fleeting and repetitive
  • Question-and-answer gameplay
  • Repeating questions

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na: Kaichu: The Kaiju Dating Sim
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