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Super Impossible Road (Switch) Review

by Ted Hazell - December 10, 2021, 7:01 am EST
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They see me rollin’

A spiritual successor to the mobile game, IMPOSSIBLE ROAD, Super Impossible Road takes everything great about its predecessor and cranks it all up to 11! Developed by Wonderful Lasers and Gunstone Studios, Super Impossible Road is set in the future where you are in control of a spherical vehicle competing in races across space and many other futuristic settings.

The game's main tagline is ‘winning is cheating!’ and promotes going off the usual formula of sticking to the path given to you. In Super Impossible Road, you can knock opponents off the track into the void of space, or fly off the tracks yourself, strategically aiming for another piece of the rollercoaster-like track further ahead. Be careful though, if you miss or are airborne too long, you’ll be teleported back to where you last ran through a gate.

The controls for Super Impossible Road are simple and easy to pick up. You accelerate automatically, rolling down the track with no way to break or slow down, you steer with the left stick, use the boost that you gain as you race with a single button, and via another button, you can manually reset back to the last checkpoint you passed. This is used when you fly off the track with no chance of landing back on it. The way that the tracks are laid out will quickly have you thinking of how you can cut corners and take advantage of the cascading layout. It is very much the case of high risk, higher reward. Taking a risky boost off the ledge and landing many turns ahead of an opponent or shaving those all-important seconds off a time trial feels so good and gives you the adrenaline boost the developers intended.

All modes, tracks, and vehicles are available from the start in Super Impossible Road and the main mode available is the career mode. Career mode will have you go through several set races with different objectives you need to hit to progress to the next stage. These trials have three tiers of goals ranging from one-star goals that can be achieved quite easily, to three-star goals that will require you to think and race in a more unique way to reach these targets. These goals can range from time trials, reaching certain checkpoint numbers or flat out, crazy races against the CPU. The goals that are set in career mode are a great way to start the game and teach you the mechanics and ways to play. The first trial has you try to complete a track in less than 15 seconds, something that is impossible unless you boost your way off the track in one of the early turns to skip a large chunk. Again, the game doesn’t tell you to do this, yet it is laid out in a great way for you to discover this yourself. The tracks are fixed and the same each time you re-attempt a trial, however with almost all other modes, the tracks will differ each time, keeping you on your toes and not knowing where those twists and turns will be.

Other modes include multiplayer which can be up to four-player local split-screen or online with up to eight other racers. I couldn’t join any online races given the limited number of players that had a pre-release code. I did however take part in many co-op races with a friend, and it was both incredibly frustrating yet highly exhilarating, blistering down the procedurally generated tracks and flying off the appropriately named impossible roads many, many times. You also have daily challenges and endless mode. In these modes, your final scores are added to a live leader board where you will be ranked among both friends and the world’s Super Impossible Road’s players. Each mode is fun, and you get to play these your way - which is a real shining point of this game. You are given an end goal to reach but how you achieve it is completely up to you.

For a racer that is at a breakneck speed from the word go with tight twists and turns, it must run incredibly smooth, and Super Impossible Road is one of the smoothest, cleanest looking games on the Switch. Yeah, the vehicle designs aren’t much to write home about, but the tracks and visuals to accompany them are stunningly gorgeous. Consistently running at 60 FPS in both docked and handheld, it’s up there with one of the most attractive racers on the Nintendo Switch. The futuristic, Tron-like (without an awkwardly CGI-ed Jeff Bridges) theme is partnered with an insanely vibey techno soundtrack that just gets your heart racing almost as fast as the vehicles do!

The vehicles that you use to race with are spherical objects that can be customised and each area you cosmetically change comes with an impact on your vehicle’s stats such as handling, boost charging, weight, etc. Aside from the base colour you choose, the cosmetic differences aren’t that varied. Something I was a little disappointed with, but this isn’t a major concern at all when every other area of this game is as visually impressive as it is. Especially when you can race in the first person, so the design of your vehicle becomes redundant, and this new camera angle becomes an entirely new perspective and a highly adrenaline-fueled game.

I feel that many racers start on a high and the more you play, the less fun the game becomes due to its repetitive nature. I don’t feel this at all with Super Impossible Road. It is a game that I will always say, “just one more race” and open when a friend is over. The better you become at finding those shortcuts and taking those leaps of faith off the track - and succeeding - the more fun you’ll be having with the tight controls in this action-packed, crazy, and striking space racer.


  • Consistent 60 FPS visuals are out of this world
  • Procedurally generated tracks are always fun
  • Techno soundtrack is great
  • Varied ways to race are all enjoyable
  • Vehicles cosmetic differences aren’t varied enough to stand out
  • Will become highly frustrating if you don’t get good quick

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Genre Racing
Players1 - 4
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Release Dec 09, 2021
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