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Super Mutant Alien Assault (Switch) Review

by Jack Soukup - August 12, 2019, 8:42 am EDT
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It has an exploding pogo stick.

“Super Mutant Alien Assault” is a rogue-lite style 2D side scrolling shooter based on a large space station. The levels are centered around several different types of objectives such as annihilating all other enemies, moving containers from one point to another, and just surviving until the level finishes. While these objectives are enjoyable and simple, especially for an easy game, the repetition can get tedious after playing for more than a few hours.

When starting the game, you are forced to play on Normal difficulty, but more options become available as you beat challenges. Starting on World one level one, you scroll across a single screen collecting weapons and grenades as you complete each objective. While completing the task at hand, aliens will come in from multiple entry-points to try and kill you. There is a wide variety of different aliens with all sorts of different abilities and, as you play through, a green pulse of light comes across the screen every few seconds. When it shows up, the aliens become more powerful, to the point that some will actually evolve into larger, more dangerous versions of themselves so it is best to take them out as quickly as possible, or get really good at evading and kill them all at the end.

The game has a variety of weapons ranging from handguns, to laser swords, to a pogo stick that explodes when it lands on enemies. These allow for some interesting and unique kill opportunities, although they can be hard to plan out since the weapon drops are randomized. With the right weapon equipped though they can be a life saver against mobs and certain bosses. It also features an original soundtrack worth turning the volume to full on. The soundtrack utilizes an original electronic and dubstep blend to create music that always seems to fit the fast paced gameplay.

Not much time is required to get through the levels since each level only takes a few minutes to complete and there are not many. The replayability comes from the difficulty spike with each new world, and the fact that there are plenty of items and abilities that can be unlocked and adjusted for each new run through. Along with this the co-op aspect makes it a very enjoyable game to spend an hour or two playing with friends.


  • Easy to learn gameplay
  • Original enemy types
  • Wonderful techno/dubstep soundtrack
  • Large difficulty spike
  • Not much in the way of an endgame
  • Repetitive levels

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Game Profile

Super Mutant Alien Assault Box Art

Genre Action
Players1 - 2

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na: Super Mutant Alien Assault
Release Jul 12, 2019
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