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Revenge of the Bird King (Switch) Review

by Julia Gomez - January 12, 2019, 9:34 pm EST
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This game is not for the gun-shy.

You are supposed to be extinct, but instead, you’re planting guns and taking punny names. P. Eagle is the star of Revenge of the Bird King, a riotous 2D platformer, which is a surprisingly enjoyable title for all its inherent silliness. When intergalactic do-gooders come to your world and threaten what you hold dear, you do what you do best: fight.

The concept is basic, if a little nonsensical. You are an eagle who carries a giant sword, can’t fly, and plants guns to take down his equally outlandish enemies. Two types of guns are available to garden. One is a basic weapon that you plant and then pick up to begin using. When you start to run out of ammo you can plant a new one so the shooting can continue. The other gun is an automated turret that, once planted, fires horizontally for about 10 seconds. This is handy for clearing a path where there are multiple enemies.

Most of the game is level-based, spinning out an overworld similar to the one from Zelda II. Here you will find random encounters from baddies where you can earn coin. You can also explore and find new levels, completing them in whichever order you choose. Light RPG elements crop up here as you build up your feathered hero. Defeat bosses to get new guns, use the vending machine to get cool gadgets, and try not to get lost. The last part is important because sometimes the world map can be disorienting.

My main issue with games like this is that they try to thrive on concept alone. The puns and the unique world building falls a little flat when the plot is underdeveloped. The villains have funny names, but other than that, they are paper thin.

Even with some forgettable aspects, Revenge of the Bird King gives a lot of bang for its buck. The retro style is, on the whole, well done, the music is great, and it is an overall enjoyable platforming experience.


  • Fun platforming
  • Great music
  • Superb retro style
  • Boring story
  • Cookie-cutter villains
  • Unintuitive map

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Genre Action

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na: Revenge of the Bird King
Release Dec 27, 2018
PublisherLimited Run Games
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