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Madorica Real Estate (Switch) Review

by Daan Koopman - November 5, 2018, 4:28 am EST
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The pen and paper angle asks some dedication, but Madorica truly deserves it.

When it comes to unique offerings on Nintendo Switch, I honestly feel that Madorica Real Estate is at the top of the food chain. Made by Gift 10 Industry, it is a unique puzzle experience unlike any other on the platform. The combination of pen and paper puzzle games and the interaction with a game console is different from anything I've seen in recent years. The implementation of these logic puzzles could've proved intimidating, but Madorica Real Estate has a really good reason for it. Across twenty stages with multiple missions each, there is truly nothing that competes with Madorica Real Estate.

In Madorica Real Estate, you start a new job as a real estate agent. Interestingly enough, the company that shares the game's name is rather special. They deal mostly with houses no one else wants to touch, since they are haunted. In fact, the majority of the town is filled with these spooky houses. The leadership of the agency will ask you to put a stop to evil spirits inhabiting these homes. With magic and a bunch of floor plans at your side, you will take on one of the most challenging jobs in your life. The presentation is, at the very least, inviting, and features some solid tunes backing it all up.

The experience starts out easy enough. The initial three stages are tutorials to guide you through the basics. The floor plans aren't really complicated and Madorica's in-game hints really help. Your real work begins, however, after the opening moments have wrapped up. As you move along, you have to look around for clues in all directions and on the floor plans provided. The clues will ultimately lead you to spells that are a necessity to defeat the evil spirits. The type of magic will be different in every scenario, and this adds surprising moments to every puzzle.

The way you guide yourself through is really the best thing about Madorica Real Estate. While you naturally control your character in-game, the interaction with the title goes far beyond that. The floor plans, which are crucial to finishing the stages, can either be printed from PDF files or interacted with through a mobile app. With these tools, you will scribble down hints that you find along the way. Personally, I preferred pen and paper, but the application works just as well for those without a printer. All of this requires more dedication than your regular video game, but if you are an avid puzzle player, I sincerely believe that you need to experience this game.

Outside of really requiring you to commit, I don't have many problems with the title. When it initially came out, the English translations weren't too hot, but those have been altered after a recent update. The hints are far more understandable now, which helps you better grasp the proceedings. That being said, there are still some weird word choices that don't need to be there. Personally, the biggest gripe I have is that a time limit feels really out of place here. It is intimidating to see a time stamp put on a puzzle, even though nothing bad happens if you happen to fail it.

Madorica Real Estate is a puzzle game that stands on its own. While the English translation isn't perfect and time limit is unnecessary, there is so much good to be found here. The puzzles challenge you to find solutions inside and outside the game world. Using PDFs or a dedicated app, the player has to search for the tiniest clues. In every scenario, logic is what helps to bring you closer to the next mission. Every puzzle becomes harsher and forces you to figure out more on your own. It might be unrelenting for the average player, but puzzle lovers will absolutely get a kick out of it.


  • Dedication to pen and paper logic puzzles
  • Fun premise
  • Intriguing all the way through
  • Variation in missions is strong
  • English translation not perfect
  • Time limit a little silly

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