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#Breakforcist Battle (Switch) Review

by Daan Koopman - April 16, 2018, 3:57 pm EDT
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Evil breakfast food must be stopped in this Breakout styled experience.

#Breakforcist Battle is easy to glance at and set aside due to its colorful simplicity. The game has a Breakout attitude that is undeniable. We've seen plenty of those over the years, so when the hook seems to be “Breakout but with food,” writing it off isn’t tough. #Breakforcist Battle doesn’t set set the world on fire, but it wins so much in terms of style. The colorful world on display is charming, fun and absolutely perfect for on the go.

#Breakforcist Battle is about using that paddle and hitting blocks the best you can. Unlike other Breakout-style games, this game is all about your momentum and keeping that alive. The best stage runs see you hitting blocks nonstop on a singular life. If you are able to keep hitting them, you are rewarded with a pretty high combo and more money as a result. This money acts as your score. By being as fast as you can, the score quickly increases. You are sort of forced in that position as well. Similar to Puzzle League, the blocks slowly creep towards you. If it becomes too close, it might be all over for you.

The emphasis here is on might, because numerous power-ups can keep you alive. Bombs can level the playing field by pushing blocks further back. These power-ups are critical in keeping you alive until the bitter end. Beyond that, special egg blocks can grant you one of many special abilities. One of them changes your ball into gigantic pancakes, allowing you to hit much very rapidly. The usual array of powers like a fireball or multiple balls are present as well.

The waffle block-busting can be enjoyed alone or with a friend. Either way, I enjoyed myself playing through a solid few times. It doesn’t have much longevity, even more so because sadly, you can't share your scores online. The real star here is the Battle Mode, which requires two to four players. You clear waves quickly to stay ahead and shoot hard-hitting attacks to your other friends. It is possible to customize the experience by adding specific power-ups or increasing the game speed. The result are frantic games, which lead to smile-inducing mayhem.

I absolutely adore the style of #Breakforcist Battle. The cutesy characters combined with the destruction of ghosts has something awesome to it. While I do wish the single-player screen was a bit bigger (for more intense busting), it perfectly fits for the multiplayer components. The array of effects and hectic moments make it glorious to behold. Add to that, some pretty hard-hitting tunes instantly put me in the right state of mind.

Despite following a standard, #Breakforcist Battle is fun in all the right areas. With a lovely style and entertaining gameplay elements, Lucid Sheep Games has so much to keep me engaged. I love to put this game on during commute, finish up a run or two and continue at a later point. The title is also grand for tabletop mode as you can work together or battle it out for the best results. I do wish that there were online leaderboards, but it is something I can overlook just a bit.


  • Adorable style
  • All the modes are enjoyable
  • Awesome for on the go
  • Pretty fun power-ups
  • Follows certain trappings
  • No online leaderboards

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Game Profile

Genre Party/Parlor
Players1 - 4

Worldwide Releases

na: #Breakforcist Battle
Release Apr 12, 2018
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