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Puzzle Puppers (Switch) Review

by Bryan Rose - February 21, 2018, 4:14 pm EST
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Not a 15 out of 10, but these are still good dogs.

I am much more of a dog lover than a cat lover, so giving Puzzle Puppers a try sounded like my jam. Featuring cute dogs and bright colors, this puzzle game developed by Cardboard Keep delivers its promise of providing both canines and challenging puzzles. There’s not much more to it beyond that, but Puzzle Puppers does a great job of providing challenging, simple gameplay.

The goal of each level is to take the dogs that appear on the puzzle field and guide them to their food bowls. The hungry dogs can’t intersect one another, and that is where the puzzle aspect of Puzzle Puppers lies -- they stretch out and have to be in the right position in order to collect all of the ham bones to fully clear the level. It starts off simple, but later additions like holes, more brightly colored dogs and other obstacles make things a bit more trickier.

Aesthetically, Puzzle Puppers is pleasing, but also shallow. The mood is constantly light, with pastel colors and a simple tune playing while you clear each puzzle. But that’s about it in terms of presentation -- only one song is in the entire game and the scenery really doesn’t change all that much while you progress. Regardless, it’s still nice to look and listen to.

It’s weird that there’s many levels to explore within Puzzle Puppers, but overall it feels like somewhat of a shallow experience. The puzzles are clever and can take a bit of time to clear, but once you get through the 80 levels provided, that’s about it -- no story or other modes are present to up the replay value. Even though Puzzle Puppers provides exactly what it advertised, I still wish they could have done more in terms of presentation and content.

Puzzle Puppers is a good, solid game that shouldn’t take too much time to get value out of. It’s one of those games that won’t keep you busy for days on end, but is nice to pick up and play for some pretty clever brain teasers. It does good on providing a warm, loveable aesthetic while providing quick and easy gameplay.


  • Lots of levels to unlock and clear
  • Simple, easy to figure out gameplay
  • The dog aesthetic is adorable
  • Not much more beyond that the title says
  • Presentation is shallow

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Game Profile

Genre Puzzle
Developer Cardboard Keep

Worldwide Releases

na: Puzzle Puppers
Release Feb 20, 2018

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