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Tales of the Tiny Planet (Switch) Review

by Daan Koopman - February 13, 2018, 3:26 pm PST
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Press that button and see those bits moves in this quirky puzzler.

Tales of the Tiny Planet is just one of many mobile games to get a make over on the Switch. The slew of mobile games have gotten a mixed reception ranging from the excellent Voez to the dreadful MUJO, so a tiny bit of caution isn't unwarranted. The most important thing for a port to show is good reason why a new platform makes sense. While Tales of the Tiny Planet is certainly a good video game, I can't see many taking a liking to the Nintendo Switch version.

Tales of the Tiny Planet's premise is very easy to understand. You simply help a colorful ball from one point to another. How do you do this? Well, you manipulate the environment by pressing one button on your controller or tapping the screen. This will make platforms move, throw the ball in the air, make wheels spin or does something else in this whirlpool of stuff. From a distance, the objectives are obvious and rather straightforward.

The levels in of themselves are constantly moving about. In fact, they are mostly kept short and to the point. Most of them emphasize a certain puzzle mechanic, allowing you to learn new ways to approach the challenges ahead. You are pushed to do your absolute best in the form of a three star system that focuses on time. A certain amount of stars is required to open up the next world, so just skimming through them isn't really an option. Tales of the Tiny Planet certainly offers a decent challenge, though the real difficulty only comes in the second half.

The main issue is that you get burn through the content fairly quickly. With just six worlds included, it will only take a few hours to see everything. Well, almost I suppose. The Nintendo Switch version offers an exclusive co-op mode, allowing each player to take control of certain movable parts. I can't really say that this changed my experience for the better, but I do think that it’s a neat idea nonetheless. Another option, Marathon mode, sees you completing an entire world without taking breaks. It’s cool to see how fast you can complete them, but I found it rather a weird puzzle game.

Tales of the Tiny Planet is an adorable looking game, sure, but you will be done with it quickly. It offers six worlds filled with all sorts of trickery, and that’s pretty much it. I did enjoy all of the levels, I’m just really bummed that there isn't more. The Nintendo Switch version would've been a perfect platform to expand on what made the original great, plus offering something unique for the new paying public. At the moment, Tales of the Tiny Planet is simply a fine title.


  • Levels are straightforward and enjoyable
  • Lovely style
  • Simple yet effective gameplay
  • You fly through its content

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Game Profile

Genre Puzzle
Players1 - 2

Worldwide Releases

na: Tales of the Tiny Planet
Release Jan 18, 2018
PublisherJoindots GmbH
eu: Tales of the Tiny Planet
Release Jan 18, 2018
PublisherJoindots GmbH
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