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X-Arcade Solo

by Billy Berghammer - February 6, 2003, 5:16 pm EST


The best one-player arcade stick for your GameCube and all your other consoles? Find out why Billy won’t play Mortal Kombat with any other stick.

After re-reviewing the X-Arcade once I got the final version of the new GameCube adapter, I thought it would be hard to improve upon the setup. I have to disclose the fact that we were asked for our input on how the GameCube button layout should be, and it came back exactly how we wanted. Recently, X-Gaming sent me the X-Arcade Solo, which is the one-player model of the X-Arcade. Don’t want to fork over the cash for the two-player model? Play a lot of arcade games/fighters alone? This controller will become your new best friend.

The footprint is a lot smaller, but looks and feels just like its two-player brother. But this time, you can comfortably keep this unit in your lap. Sure, it’s still sturdy on a table, but for the comfort conscious ones out there who’d rather lounge on the couch, this unit really feels and performs great. It may look like it would be bulky, but it feels nice.

Size comparison

I can’t argue with the GameCube button layout because we were the ones that designed it.

The Button Layout

The hardware is completely identical to the original X-Arcade, and it’s built like a tank. Button mashers, have no fear. You can literally beat the crap out of this thing, and it will handle it. Now, sure if you haven’t taken your daily dose of Ritalin, you may actually break a piece. But there’s a lifetime warranty, and you can send it in for repair, or you get the replacement parts and fix it yourself.

All the X-Arcade adapters for the PS2, Dreamcast, and Xbox work just as they would on the X-Arcade. Just for good measure, I put it through its paces with Soul Calibur on Dreamcast, Virtua Fighter on PS2, and Dead or Alive 3 on Xbox. Even though it performed wonderfully with all of these games, I still can’t disconnect it from my GameCube. Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance and Ikaruga are absolutely fantastic. I’ve never pulled off moves and combos with a GameCube controller like I can with the X-Arcade or Solo. Why play with a tiny D-pad when you could be playing with this? Come March, Soul Calibur 2 should be arcade-perfect with this controller.

Perfection does come at a price though. The X-Arcade Solo retails for $99 with the GameCube Adapter. Adapters for your other systems cost another $20 bucks. But, it’s an investment that will not only work with your current systems, but can be used with the next generations of consoles by adding another adapter. For the price, you can’t get a better deal.

The unit is actually so good, I’m thinking about selling my two-player version and picking up a second one-player model. I’m a couch junky, and having 2 one-player units would be much more comfortable for me and my couch dwelling friends. X-Gaming has released another awesome fighting setup, and any fighting game or arcade game fanatic should not go without this product.


Appearance Comfort Quality Value Construction Final
9.5 10 10 10 9 10

Simple but sleek. The unit is bigger than a normal fighting stick, but it’s not bulky.


No matter if you’re playing with the X-Arcade Solo on the coffee table, floor, or your lap, it feels great in your hands. The buttons and stick feel as solid as they would on a machine at your local pizza parlor.


Everything is arcade grade, so it won’t break like some cheap one-system controller.


If it feels beefy it’s because it is. The Solo is a very solid controller. It also begs to be modified if you want the buttons and stick to be more or less sensitive.


At $99 with the GameCube adapter included, it is a bit steep. But for anyone willing to drop the dough on this sweet stick, you won’t be disappointed.


There isn’t a better arcade stick setup available on the market today for the GameCube, PS2, Xbox, Dreamcast, or PC. Scream until mommy buys you one.


  • High quality parts
  • It feels like an arcade stick should
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Outside of Jennifer Garner, there isn’t anything else you’d rather have in your lap
  • $99 is hard to swallow for a controller no matter how rich you are.
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Developer XGaming

Worldwide Releases

na: X-Arcade Solo
Release Jan 2003

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