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Funk of Titans (Wii U) Review

by Bryan Rose - May 26, 2015, 3:25 pm EDT
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The idea of Zeus sending his son down to Earth to tackle the enemies of funk sounds like a fun premise, right? When watching the debut trailer for Funk of Titans a few weeks ago, I liked what I saw and immediately wanted to give it a try. The end result was acceptable for the most part, but in the end I left the game feeling disappointed. I just felt like there could have been more to Funk of Titans. The gameplay, the presentation, and the story are fun at first, but it quickly turns into something tedious that makes you wonder why all of these ideas weren’t expanded upon.

I’ve already mentioned the story: Zeus sends down his son, Perseus, to combat other musical gods who oppose funk: Pop, Rap and Rock. Each world has its own unique look, and the graphics are relatively pleasant. There’s also a level up system, but it doesn’t do much other than it unlocks cosmetic items you can buy. These items don’t do much other than on occasion helping you unlock hidden areas that have the item needed to unlock a Flappy Bird like game that isn’t very interesting.

The game itself is an endless runner where you run across stages and look to advance towards the next one, all while collecting CDs that the game uses as currency. It’s easy to get into, but by the time you reach the third world it becomes kind of a bore to get through. The first and second worlds feature the same enemies, the same wall jumping and the same difficulty level, with nothing ever really changing except the background settings. The last world is more challenging and changes things up a bit, but it takes two worlds of the same easy gameplay just to get to the more interesting part of the game. The game is also pretty short, as it only took me a few hours to beat all three worlds.

The boss battles were pretty disappointing as well. They’re the most interesting part of the game, but they’re way too easy. They’re nothing more than simple quick time events in which you have to beat your Rock/Pop/Rap rival in order to restore funk to the world. Another disappointing part of the game was the music. For a game that’s supposed to be about saving funk music, the music selection in the game is pretty bland, and nothing worth noting at all. You’d think there would be a more eclectic mix for a music inspired game, so it’s strange that Perseus is traversing through all of these worlds with this kind of dull music.

Funk of Titans is a game that kept my interest for a while, but ultimately it fails to deliver much beyond a few hours of play. The game is easy to play and get into, but there’s not much variation in gameplay. New weapons and gear that can be unlocked are fun, but don’t factor in all that much on how the game is played. And while the concept and ideas are fun, Funk of Titans never seems to go the extra mile to make the game a memorable experience. There could have been so much more to the game, but in the end all that’s left is a title that’s fun to play for a few hours, but not really anything beyond that.


  • Easy to get into
  • Fun soundtrack
  • Lackluster presentation
  • Level design is tedious for the most part
  • Quick time event boss battles are pretty lame

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Developer EnjoyUp

Worldwide Releases

na: Funk of Titans
Release May 14, 2015
eu: Funk of Titans
Release Jul 09, 2015

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