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Titan Attacks (3DS) Review

by Daan Koopman - March 2, 2015, 2:53 am PST
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A lovely Space Invaders tribute, but not a whole lot more I'm afraid.

With many complex titles out there, it can be easy to forget the simpler times of the yesteryear. Colorful graphics and tunes gave life to an array of arcade experiences that I can't get enough of. I had this feeling with the arrival of Woah Dave last year and it happened again with Titan Attacks. This isn't an overly deep game, but I do say that it is worth a look.

Titan Attacks takes a lot of inspiration from Space Invaders and the developer doesn't try to disguise that fact. They tried to make a tribute that doesn't stray away from its basic premise but certainly has enough unique attributes to it to be a new game. There is a good variety in your enemies, ranging from your traditional flying saucers to asteroids that will fall your way. Survival is truly key in all of this and not just because it saves you a life. Successfully staying put without taking a hit continues your multiplier and you can rank up a serious amount of points this way.

The game isn't just about beating the 100 waves of opponents that the title offers either. Along the way, you will earn cash that can be spent on various upgrades to your ship. You will have to decide what’s most important and what will help you be successful in the later levels. Upgrades include things like better bullets or improvements to your shield, which will allow you to survive just that tiny bit longer. Taking a strategic approach in all of this will get you far and might help you end up high on Titan Attacks' online leaderboards. The freedom of strategy here will keep you coming back, and the game sorely needs that. After a couple of hours, you will have seen everything that Titan Attacks has to offer and that is quite a shame.

While Titan Attacks looks quite sharp, it isn't on the same level as the PS Vita version. Everything in the game is more static and that alone disappoints me. It is not a game so filled with visual standards that can't be upheld and that makes the change all rather confusing. In a couple of levels, there was some lag to be seen, but I never found it too game-breaking. It was a slight annoyance though and that makes it worth mentioning. That being said, I enjoyed the music and sound effects a lot and they kept me quite engaged!

Titan Attacks is a fun little title, even though the amount of content isn't anything amazing. Like I said, you will have seen everything there is in a few hours and that makes the game only truly suited for highscore junkies. The visual quality wasn't really up to snuff with other versions and there are some sluggish moments, but that is all rather minor in comparison. If you can get past these niggles, you can have a good time with Curve's latest.


  • Fun twitchy action
  • Hidden strategical elements
  • Online leaderboards
  • Solid sounds and music
  • Lag in a few spots
  • Look could have been better
  • Not very long

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Genre Action
Developer Carbon,

Worldwide Releases

na: Titan Attacks
Release Feb 26, 2015
PublisherCurve Digital
eu: Titan Attacks
Release Feb 26, 2015
PublisherCurve Digital

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