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KAMI (3DS) Review

by Daan Koopman - February 21, 2015, 5:53 pm PST
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Pretty crafty, though a rather harsh journey to say the least!

I have come to appreciate games with a papercraft style, and they usually make me quite a happy chap. The latest game to deliver on this feat is KAMI, which is a puzzler published by Circle Entertainment. It is a title with simple mechanics to boot, but KAMI can prove quite a challenge if you want to complete the game fully.

The setup is easy enough to understand. KAMI's puzzles are a single screen and made of colored origami paper. Your goal in these puzzles is to make sure that the screen ends having a single color. To do this, you choose a color on the touchscreen and tap the place you want to adjust. The places of the playing field slowly become one whole and you will clear the screens step by step. During my time with KAMI, I couldn't be completely careless, though. The game wants you to complete the task in a certain amount of turns and that isn't as easy as it sounds. If you can't meet these goals, you will have to retrace your decisions or maybe start completely from scratch. These restrictions make the game more devious than you might expect and a puzzle novice will surely struggle.

KAMI features a bit more than 60 puzzles and that will keep you busy for a solid amount of time. I stared at some puzzles for 10 minutes without coming up with the right answer, and that is impressive. The game tries to look simple from the outside, but once you are all in, KAMI will drive you to keep hunting for answers. Sadly, there were a few puzzles that were too similar to one another. They did change one or two elements, though I would rather have liked something completely fresh.

Beyond the puzzles, there is not much else to KAMI and I was fine with that. What I did miss was more variety in the audio department, because this title only features a single song. It became all a bit too annoying for my liking, though you could turn the music off and continue playing without it. The game looks quite sharp though and it all feels quite lovely on both of the Nintendo 3DS screens.

KAMI is a fun little puzzler and gets a solid recommendation out of me. Most of the puzzles were really fun and the concept was something I could quickly grasp. The presentation was also nice and tight, though the music could have been a whole lot better. KAMI isn't a game for the players with little puzzle experience, as the title becomes challenging rather quick. If you think that you can handle the challenge, you are able to have a really good time with this game.


  • Looks pretty solid
  • Quite a challenging journey
  • Simple but fun concept
  • A few repeated puzzles
  • Just one song


HellsAttackFebruary 22, 2015

Can you guys link to the eShop pages now?


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Developer Flyhigh Works,
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na: KAMI
Release Feb 05, 2015
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