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Electronic Super Joy: Groove City (Wii U) Review

by Daan Koopman - January 24, 2015, 6:10 pm PST
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Delightfully insane and overly frustrating all at the same time.

There is no game like Electronic Super Joy: Groove City on the Wii U eShop. That may be somewhat of an easy statement to make, but hear me out on this. The plot is all about stopping a gigantic robot stripper from destroying Groove City. How do you do this? By going on a crazy side scrolling platforming adventure and finding her missing laser nipples. The dialogue is quirky and utter madness, but it can easily be missed by quickly passing bystanders. I needed to stop and soak it all in to truly appreciate it!

The gameplay is a bit more conventional as you will walk and jump through various levels and try to come out unscathed. Electronic Super Joy doesn't do anything special as far mechanics are concerned, but they are sound and have actual weight to them. In a similar sense to 1001 Spikes, you will have to time your movement and avoid various deadly obstacles. One of these obstacles becomes overly annoying, however -- the missiles. They followed me around for quite a while and stopped at nothing to cause myself harm. The second half of the title is filled with them and that is what makes the journey a rough one.

To offset it somewhat, Electronic Super Joy has checkpoints in place so that you can tackle everything bit by bit. It was my biggest help to get to the end of the game, because the game becomes hard fast. Deaths never feel cheap though and if you deal with what is thrown at you, you will have a solid time. The game throws constant curveballs in form of stars, which are put in all kinds of devious places. Combine that together with some real harsh secret areas and you have something crazy for the platforming enthusiast. The problem is that the game was not long and there is roughly two to three hours of content there. There are some additional options after this, but they just you ask to tackle the levels in new ways.

The game has a fantastic minimalist style to it that rocks in every sense of the word. With simple colors and crazy background effects, the game brought me in a trance like no other. The environments and characters in front are mostly silhouettes, which brings a dark undertone to the venture. The music is really intertwined with the background and the electronic music should burst out of your speakers loudly to really understand why the game was made like this.

Electronic Super Joy: Groove City was a quite an experience. With an awesome presentation and the constant sidequests, I was entertained for the few hours it provides. The gameplay is a bit too conventional, there is a solid weight to everything and deaths barely feel cheap. You will have to deal with nasty over usage of a particular obstacle though, which can be a bit upsetting. All in all though, this game deserves at least a consideration!


  • Brilliant presentation
  • Quirky and over the top plot
  • Solid challenge
  • Solid mechanics
  • Gameplay a bit conventional
  • Only lasts a few hours
  • Over usage of the missiles


necro909January 25, 2015

What was that stuff about butts and penises? This is on Wii U??

MagicCow64January 25, 2015

Yeah, I was interested in this, but the missiles in the eShop trailer looked pretty obnoxious. Knowing that they are used so heavily kills any lingering desire to pick this up.

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na: Electronic Super Joy: Groove City
Release Jan 15, 2015
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