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Spy Chameleon Review

by Daan Koopman - December 31, 2014, 2:21 am EST
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Sneaking around was never this clever or challenging!

Lately, both versions of the Nintendo eShop have given us various puzzle games to choose from. The best ones, however, do always seem to come from the most unlikely of places. Take Spy Chameleon for example. I have not been the biggest fan of EnjoyUp's outings and that is why their latest title surprised me so much. They teamed up with developer Unfinished Pixel for their best game on the Wii U eShop so far!

What immediately grabbed me about Spy Chameleon was its gameplay, which is simple and extremely entertaining at the same time. You take control of a chameleon as he goes through various puzzle rooms to survive. The only abilities at his disposal are running and changing into various colors to blend in with the environments. You will use these powers to stay hidden from robots and security cameras, which stop at nothing to halt your progress.

The game rewards players of different interests, as you can tackle levels in a variety of ways. Speedrunners can go swiftly through the levels and shoot for the best time, while the puzzle loving player can try to get the flies scattered across the stage. If you are a little bit of both, it gives you multiple reasons to return to stage you have already beaten. This is further encouraged by a third objective, which becomes available after playing the level once. You will have to deal with strategically placed ladybugs and this will test your true stealth skills.

There are a grand total of 75 levels, and that will certainly keep you going for a while. The levels are designed in basic yet devilish ways, which sometimes tricked me. With the furniture on the colored carpets, I wasn't always sure what I could pass through and that was annoying. Next to the level objectives, there are also online leaderboards and this will make the experience last even longer. The only problem I had is that the leaderboards took a little while to load up and therefore I found myself not touching them a lot throughout my playthrough.

Spy Chameleon features quite an interesting presentation. It is again slightly basic, but it fits the gameplay mentality extremely well. The game does not want to take attention away from the objects and obstacles as it would make the puzzles unpolished. You need to clearly see the constant stream of new elements as you move along in boxes or find whole new ways to pass the heavily guarded terrain. With that all said, Spy Chameleon still looks sharp and the music is even better. It reminded of those old-school spy series and brought me in the correct mood for the title!

Spy Chameleon is an excellent game for the Wii U eShop. With a huge variety of puzzles and a constant stream of gameplay ideas, the game never loses steam. You might get a little lost at times and the leaderboards take a while to boot up, but that shouldn't stop you from picking this title. The game gives you multiple reasons to replay levels and that is, above all, simply fun to do. Spy Chameleon is one of those games that never stops being novel and for the right reasons!


  • Extremely addicting gameplay
  • Good variety of levels
  • Multiple reasons to replay levels
  • Neat presentation
  • Leaderboards boot up a bit slow
  • Level design unclear in a few instances

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Developer EnjoyUp

Worldwide Releases

na: Spy Chameleon
Release Dec 25, 2014
eu: Spy Chameleon
Release Dec 25, 2014

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