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Tengami Review

by Daan Koopman - November 20, 2014, 10:06 am EST
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Trade your worries for the world of a pop-up book.

Tengami is a unique adventure-puzzler on the Wii U eShop and one that surprises you from the moment you start playing. The game uses its environment, a beautifully crafted world which seems to come straight out of a pop-up book to its advantage with the puzzles and tone set quickly in stone.

You control the game by using the touchscreen of the Wii U GamePad to tap on the places where your character needs to go. The character will move automatically and this means that you are not actively involved with the movement. The act of walking through the environments may seem a bit slow, but it is the perfect chance to look up at the television and take in the game's beauty. The speed of the game only becomes annoying during backtracking. It is not much, but worth mentioning at the very least.

The samurai in the game is tasked with bringing back three cherry blossoms that have fallen from a tree. To do this, you will stroll through these massive 2D sidescrolling landscapes which are very soothing. The moments of relaxation are married to puzzles, which you will solve as you progress. It is here where the game shines, as it asks you to interact with the environments around you. From activating bells for special purposes to sliding open doors to reveal secrets, the game teaches you its tools very organically. All of them involve performing actions on the touchscreen. They’re not particularly deep and mostly involve at most a few actions at a time. These clever moments are what make this game something more than what you might find on tablets.

While the game is sadly somewhat on the shorter side, Tengami really knows how to sells its style. As the doors open for new locations, moving is just a tap away. You will literally open new pieces of the puzzle or see places pop before for your very eyes. The lush colors made me a happy chap and made me want to keep playing. The music really fits the Japanese tone of the game and it is here that everything about Tengami started to click. It is the best feeling in the world.

Tengami is a game that you need to experience. The lush environments, interesting gameplay and the clever uses of the pop-up book world deserve recognition. It is a short game, no doubt about that, but that grin on my face never faded for a moment. I could wish for the main character to walk faster, but I would miss the world that Nyamyam has built. I am happy that I didn't miss it and really hoping that many will feel the same.


  • Beautiful world
  • Clever uses of its pop-up book look
  • Easy to pick and play
  • Character can walk a bit slow at times
  • Way too short


PhilPhillip Stortzum, November 20, 2014

Yeah, the extreme brevity of the game was a knock against Tengami from me as well. There was also some slowdown during the boating sections that I noticed, especially on the ocean.

Tengami is a great means of making a case for video games as art. I really respect the developers at Nyamyam for their hard work and dedication to this game of theirs. It's just a shame that you have to keep your eyes on the low quality GamePad screen instead of seeing the grand visuals on an HD screen!

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Game Profile

Genre Adventure
Developer Nyamyam

Worldwide Releases

na: Tengami
Release Nov 13, 2014
eu: Tengami
Release Jul 2014

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