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Cosmophony Review

by Daan Koopman - November 7, 2014, 4:20 am EST
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A game that does not mess around and will make you scream in absolute agony.

To be frank, I did not know much about Cosmophony before I went into it. I like rhythm games a lot and giving it shot seemed like a no-brainer. Only when I started playing, I realized the can of worms I had opened up. Cosmophony turned out to be one of the hardest Wii U eShop games I’ve played this year and showcased how relentless a music game can be.

Cosmophony is best described as a rhythm shooter. You move your ship from the left to the right and press a button to shoot at objects in sight. The game lets you freely pick and choose with what buttons you want to play, which made me feel at home in an instant. Obstacles and enemies will crawl slowly towards you and act in sync with some of the musical quirks. Parts will speed up and down to screw with you and this keeps it a constant treat for the eyes. Memorization is key in all of this but you can learn the steps in the practice option, where you can learn the bits piece by piece. You are really going to need that, because to 100% complete a level, you will need to destroy every enemy that is buried in the landscape.

While you can lose lives without consequence in Practice mode and beat it with struggles, the main event isn't so kind. If you are hit only once in Normal mode, you are send back to the very beginning of the stage. This results in quite a lot of frustration along the way as you almost achieve victory only to suffer a soul crushing defeat. If you don't like hard games, I can already clearly say that Cosmophony is not made for you. It has a beautiful style and the music fits with the theme entirely, but that does not alleviate the suffering.

There are only five stages and they quickly ramp up in difficulty. If more room was given to let the story breathe and let the difficulty build slowly over time, I think the game would have been even better. The curve moves at a more breakneck pace and each step adds more strain to the ever growing pile. The stages are well designed though and they can all get your blood pumping with excitement.

Cosmophony is not a perfect game, but a very entertaining one at the very least. The gameplay and presentation are really smooth and get you in the mood for a go. The difficulty ramps up a bit too fast for my liking though and not everyone will see the end of what the developers have prepared because of it. If there were more stages, I personally think that it would have been a less rough ride. But if you can deal with that, Cosmophony's devious challenges are waiting.


  • Beautiful presentation
  • Fun gameplay mechanics
  • Practice mode improves your skills
  • Smooth controls
  • Difficulty curve spikes at a breakneck pace
  • Just a tad short

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Genre Rhythm
Developer Moving Player

Worldwide Releases

na: Cosmophony
Release Oct 30, 2014
eu: Cosmophony
Release Oct 30, 2014

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