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Tetrobot and Co. Review

by Daan Koopman - October 25, 2014, 2:38 pm EDT
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We are unsure about the plot at this time, but who cares? Puzzles!

The concept of Tetrobot and Co. is easy enough to grasp: Help a cute little robot navigate puzzle chambers, and clear them all to finish a level. You move Psychobot, as the creature is called, by tapping on locations in the environment. The player can use either a Wii Remote or the Wii U GamePad’s touchscreen for this, which works well. You will have to get used to the pathfinder AI though, as it sometimes passes by objects when you don't want to and this can become slightly irritating. During the course of the 50+ stages, you control the little robot through varied selection of challenges. It starts easily enough with you simply activating switches, but the difficulty slowly ramps up.

The key mechanic in the game is how the various blocks react with the environment. There are wooden blocks, metal blocks, TNT blocks and many more to keep you on your toes. Each of them serves a purpose in the puzzles you face. One example is how the metal ones can block lasers to ensure that the way is cleared for further progression. You can collect and use those blocks throughout the environments in the game, though there are restrictions. Blocks can only be shot horizontally and multiple blocks of the same material be automatically attached to one another. This does not make the possibilities endless, but thoughtfulness is still required to complete your ultimate goal.

That ultimate goal is to collect the three special gold block pieces in every stage. You will collect most of them without much frustration and this makes it a fine game to zone out with. The visuals perfectly accompany this thought as Tetrobot and Co. is truly lovely to look at. It becomes tricky when you want to collect them all though and this is where the replay value lies. Why are you collecting them? Well, the plot did not tell me too much. It apparently makes more sense if you played the developer's previous title Blocks That Matter, but it went straight over my head with no return. The game didn't do a great job of explaining the story and I couldn't shake off the feeling that I was missing something. Eventually, I had to look through journals in the game to figure it all out and that was far from ideal.

Tetrobot and Co. is an adorable puzzle game for the Wii U eShop. While the story and pathfinder AI could have better implemented, you will still find enough to like about it. The vastly different puzzles and challenge rooms will keep you on your toes throughout the few hours it lasts. The adventure is relaxing to play, but when you really want to get the full 100%, your brain will have some rough hours ahead. That is when the craft of Tetrobot and Co. truly shines through!


  • Easy to pick up and play
  • Fine controls
  • Lovely presentation
  • Nice variety of puzzles
  • Pathfinder AI takes getting used to
  • Story somewhat badly implemented

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Genre Puzzle

Worldwide Releases

na: Tetrobot and Co.
Release Oct 30, 2014
PublisherNeko Entertainment
eu: Tetrobot and Co.
Release Oct 30, 2014
PublisherNeko Entertainment

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