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Star Pad Controller

by Desmond Gaban - December 13, 2001, 1:42 pm PST


Nyko's bulky Star Pad is a nice fit for large hands.

If you find the Gamecube controller to be too small, consider picking up Nyko's Star Pad. At first the controller may seem a little bulky but it seems suitable enough for those who complain about the default's size.

The Star Pad has a few significant changes other than its size. The start button is shaped like a star (hence the name). What sort of advantages this presents are beyond me, however the button does have a softer feel than the regular Gamecube controller. Also, the X Y B A buttons are laid out differently. The A button is much larger, while the B button is now kidney shaped. Also the buttons are set at a different angle, so some might have to get adjusted to it (but the buttons are still very easy to recognize, even subconsiously).

The analog sticks also have a different "feel" to them, so the player may have to get used to it. I also noticed that the C button would keep "twitching" every now and then, a problem that occurs if the controller is not properly adjusted to the Gamecube. Since there was nothing I could do about this, I am assuming that it only exists in the controller I received, and that others do not have this problem.

Overall, the Star Pad seems like a fairly average substitute for the regular Gamecube controller. You may want to consider it if you have large hands, but otherwise it holds no other advantages other than perhaps cost.


Appearance Comfort Quality Value Construction Final
5 7 6 7 7 6.5

It looks like a gloated version of the regular controller, and what's with the star-shaped start button? Although of course, appearance means little.


Keep in mind that despite a 7.0 here, I would still rate the original controller with a 9.0 in terms of comfort. Because of my relatively small hands, I felt the controller was too big and bulky to be truly comfort-fitting like the standard controller.


The controller works well and seems to respond fine, but because of the C button glitch, I cannot rate this one too highly (that and I still prefer the standard).


The Star Pad certainly has a different feel from the standard Gamecube controller. In our opinion, it's not as high quality, but there's certainly nothing that makes it a hindrance.


The Star Pad retails for $29.99 but you will probably find it for lower than that at most places. This makes it only $5-$10 cheaper than the standard Gamecube controller. For some, that might not be a significant difference in savings.


A worthy substitute for the Gamecube controller if you have larger hands and are on a budget (or if you're getting it as a gift for someone else - stick to the more expensive standard controllers for yourself).


  • Big D Pad
  • Larger buttons
  • Slightly larger controller
  • C button glitch as mentioned above
  • Control might not be as responsive as regular controller's
  • Too large for my hands
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Developer Nyko

Worldwide Releases

na: Star Pad Controller
Release Nov 18, 2001

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