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by Daan Koopman - November 30, 2013, 7:24 am PST
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Can you survive terrible touchscreen integration for a chance at 250k?

The Cube is a British television show in which players get the chance to win £250.000. They do this by testing their abilities in seven challenges that test the contestants’ intelligence, response time, and agility. Every popular show has the potential to be made into a game, and The Cube is no different. Nicely enough, Funbox Media decided to release the game on the Nintendo eShop and make it available for most European countries.

In singleplayer, you follow the rules of the show as you partake in seven challenges out of the thirty available. Before you kick off, a video instructs you on how to complete the task at hand, and further gameplay instructions are given directly after. The various minigames aren’t extremely deep, but they do present the show very well and bring home an overall strong look. There are, however, a few challenges that require the touchscreen, and these aren't that fun. This is mostly because the controls here are quite janky and require multiple tries to get right. You can't afford that, considering every game in The Cube only has nine lives, and when these run out, it is all over. I lost a few times because of a touchscreen minigame, and that’s not really enjoyable. If you are able to beat The Cube at its own game, you will unlock the Extreme Zone. Here you play five of the most popular games on the show and try them in more challenging manners.

Then there are two multiplayer modes, both of which can be played with one Nintendo 3DS. Challenge mode separates your group into two teams. You will go back forth until all challenges are completed, your lives have run out, or a team decides to call it quits. Head to Head does something similar, but here there are no lifelines and you only have one chance to complete every challenge. If you complete the most challenges, you win. Besides these modes and the single player version, there isn't much else to do in The Cube. You will quickly finish all that the game has on offer, and there isn't much reason to go back afterwards. That is perhaps the biggest problem with The Cube. It is an inoffensive game, which has way too little content to be engaging for long.

The Cube is an alright tie-in to a television show, but it is nothing to truly write home about. You will see all the content in roughly an hour with not much else to return to. There is a chance to play some multiplayer with some friends or try to do a run with losing as little lives possible, but even that doesn't last forever. Add to this that the touchscreen minigames simply aren't fun to play, and you have something that’s little more than playable.


  • Copies the television show well
  • Multiplayer modes
  • Frustrating touchscreen minigames
  • Not much content


Considering the only person to win The Cube was a double Olympic gold medalist, I'm not surprised the game would be hard.

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Genre Party/Parlor
Players1 - 4

Worldwide Releases

eu: The Cube
Release Nov 22, 2013

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