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North America

Robot Rescue 2

by Guillaume Veillette - October 15, 2012, 12:45 pm PDT
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This puzzle game doesn't mess around.

Robot Rescue 2 may have only 50 levels (60 if you include the tutorial levels), but it makes each and every one count. If you are tired of being forced to go through pointlessly easy puzzles, this game may be for you.

You have probably seen games like this before. You control several robots in a maze simultaneously; press right, and they all step one tile to the right. The trick is to use the environment (walls, puddles of glue, and more) to guide at least some of them to an exit without getting any others electrocuted or destroyed by mines. Lose a single robot, and the whole puzzle resets immediately. Thank you, try again.

From what I can gather, the original game limited itself to walls, mines, and goo puddles. Robot Rescue 2 gets pretty complex, with warp tiles, cloning tiles (same as warp tiles, except you now have several robots instead of the one), tiles that paint your robot a certain color, and warps and exits that only accept these painted robots. It is advised you take a good, long look at a level before trying anything. I solved the occasional puzzle without too much thought, as if the designers had envisioned a much more difficult solution and missed an obvious one. I do like the feel that levels have multiple solutions, however.

The game is played with the DS held like a book, with the D-pad used to move the robots around. Both screens display their half of the gameplay field, so mind the gap in the middle. It's a minor annoyance, along with the typos the tutorial is riddled with. Overall, Robot Rescue 2 offers great value in a consistent package. 


  • Does not waste players' time with easy puzzles.
  • Easy on the eyes.
  • Erratic difficulty curve.
  • Many typos.

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Genre Puzzle
Developer Teyon

Worldwide Releases

na: Robot Rescue 2
Release Oct 11, 2012
eu: Robot Rescue 2
Release Oct 11, 2012

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