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3D Solitaire

by Josh Max - September 6, 2012, 2:19 pm PDT
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It's Solitaire! 

With the release of 3D Solitaire, Zen Studios brings the classic time-killer to the 3D gaming world. The game is pretty much what people would expect, offering new and classic ways to play the old favorite.

The game offers two modes: Klondike 1 and Klondike 3. In Klondike 1, you draw one card at a time, while in Klondike 3 you draw three. You can play these games either on the touch screen by dragging and dropping cards, or on the top screen by using the D-pad and the face buttons. A noticeable problem here, though, is that using the touch screen to drag and drop makes the titular 3D irrelevant for this control scheme. Additionally, moves sometimes don’t quite register, which gives the game a bit of a sloppy feel.

3D Solitaire offers four themes for the card game. You can choose from an ancient civilization, underwater ruins, a jungle, or a picture of the player to skin the cards and background. You can unlock these themes by completing certain objectives while playing. The inclusion of these unlockables is kind of nice, even if the reward isn’t really rewarding. The 3D effect is decent, but the screen moves around a little too much for a simple card game. 

I’m a man who enjoys Solitaire every now and then, and I was happy to play the game on my 3DS. It offered me a couple rounds of fun and killed some time, which is what Solitaire really aims to do. It’ll give you what expect, and not much else. 


  • Decent unlockable themes
  • Gives what you expect
  • It's pretty hard to screw up solitaire
  • It's easy to forget it's on your 3DS
  • Lacking in creativity


oohhboyHong Hang Ho, Staff AlumnusSeptember 06, 2012

me: Wait this is an e-shop title right?

me2: Why, yes it is.

me: Clearly the future of e-shop gaming.

me2: The bar of minimum competence has been raised.

Gosh darn it now I'm tempted...

Edit: I... I caved... T-T

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Genre Puzzle

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na: 3D Solitaire
Release Aug 02, 2012
PublisherZen Studios

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