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Funky Barn

by Patrick Barnett - June 15, 2012, 1:22 pm PDT
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There is certainly something funky going on in this barn.

Farming simulators exist in many different forms today. Some are single-player experiences, like Harvest Moon, and some are social games, like Farmville. Funky Barn 3D lands on the side of the former, but doesn’t offer much to do. As your farm grows, you in fact have to do less, ultimately making the time spent playing the game quite tiresome and pointless.

Funky Barn begins by giving you access to fences, chickens, and the ability to give your animals food and water; you’ll use these beginning tools to create areas for your animals to live. As you progress you can raise more animals and implement new technology. The problem I suffered early on came in discerning how best to organize my farm. Without a good base, my farm soon fell apart. I did my best to reorganize, but still ran into issues with vehicles bearing goods not moving back and forth quickly enough.

Despite organizational issues, there is variety in what you can place around your farm. You can purchase trees, plants, and landscaping objects and strategically place them to make animals happier, or just increase the level of your farm. I had no issue with this until the end of the game; I only needed to gain a single level to finish, but could only place random landscaping objects. I found myself throwing down chicken weathervanes one after the other just to level up.


You can raise eight different kinds of animals on your farm, though they must be separated by type, and each pen must include certain amenities. Food and water troughs must be placed and maintained by the user, while a barn and trees require no work. Animals produce goods, which can be sold at the central hub of your farm, and are transported there by vehicles you buy and upgrade. This system works, except once fully leveled up, my only real job was to fill the food and water troughs. It felt like the further I got into the game, the easier it became.

The simplicity of Funky Barn became more evident as I purchased weather control centers to protect against tornados, and dogs to chase away foxes. My farm soon became a place that couldn’t be touched by any harmful effect. The more I played the game, the less I was required to do, and the more I could let it sit on autopilot.

In essence, Funky Barn 3D is a farming simulator in which you just feed animals. What little the game teaches you to do in the beginning is hardly useful by the end. The machinery you purchase takes over for you the further you get into the game, creating a rather shallow experience. I enjoyed building up my farm, but there was little to do afterward. Funky Barn 3D is the type of game you could buy, play for a few hours, and never go back to as a result of having seen everything. The experience is too simple, creating a game that is far more tedious than enjoyable.


  • Lots of variety in items / animals
  • Little to do once the farm is functioning
  • Too much prep work to create a functional farm

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