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Mad Dog McCree

by Neal Ronaghan - June 14, 2012, 10:15 am PDT
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"Some people were born lucky. You better get lucky, or you'll be dead."

Mad Dog McCree, originally released in 1990 as a live-action laserdisc arcade shooting game, is quite possibly the strangest 3DS release to date by a large margin. As far as I can tell, the 3DS is the 11th platform the game has appeared on, with one of those platforms being DVD. The game, while functional and playable in an awful, campy way, is not a worthy 3DS release, using virtually nothing the system offers.

The game is simply a quest to hunt down the villainous Mad Dog McCree in a podunk western town. You play as “the stranger,” who uses a six-shooter to dole out justice to all the real live actors playing awful western stereotypes. It’s funny and goofy, which makes the experience worthwhile for fans of camp.

However, on the 3DS, the game gains nothing. The top screen displays the action in plain old 2D—there is no stereoscopic 3D in this game at all. On the bottom screen, you guide a cursor around with the stylus, and then either tap the screen or press a button to fire. There’s a degree of precision gained from using the stylus, but it removes the fun and challenge of light gun games almost entirely. It’s like if you played Duck Hunt by sitting in front of the screen.

Mad Dog McCree on 3DS might be worth it for folks who want to play the famously awful FMV game and have no other way to do so. But the vast majority of players are better off either ignoring this silly game or tracking it down on a system where light gun games are more fun to play.


  • Live action scenes are poorly acted and funny
  • One of the kitschiest games out there
  • Light gun gameplay is unrewarding on the 3DS
  • No extras
  • No stereoscopic 3D


ThePermJune 14, 2012

when i first got a cd-rom on one of my first computer it came with 2 games: Mario is Missing, and Mad Dog McCree. I loved both games. So i would just pick this up for nostalgia sake(not really), never used a light gun with it either.  Both it and Mario is missing were some of the first games I played that used a mouse.

I'm mostly familiar with the game from arcades and the Wii collection. I'd be curious to see how other people were exposed to this game.

I mean, the game isn't completely terrible; it's funny and campy. Although, playing it so close after to playing the Wavy Tube Man Chronicles in The Gunstringer highlights how excellent Twisted Pixel's parody of the genre/game was.

leahsdadJune 14, 2012

I remember seeing (but not playing) this in the Arcade.  Aah...the bad FMV shooter.  I'm actually surprised this gets released so often, as opposed to games like Area 51 or Lethal Enforcers, which were WAY more popular.

I'd KILL for an Area 51 Nintendo home console release!

Also... hmm... I didn't get this game when it came to WiiWare...

joshnickersonJune 14, 2012

I'm still pissed that s**t like Mad Dog McCree and LA Machine Guns get ported to the Wii... but not Virtua Cop? WTF?!?!

house3136June 14, 2012

Apparently, NintenDaan has a gameplay video of this on 3DS. What’s funny is that’s how I found out about him before I heard him on the podcasts; he has videos that NWR sometimes doesn’t.

ShyGuyJune 14, 2012

Game of the year right here. Shut it down, GOTY 2012 is sown up. I'm not talking just 3DS, I'm talking EVERY platform.

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Genre Shooter
Developer Engine Software B.V.

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na: Mad Dog McCree
Release Jun 14, 2012
PublisherDigital Leisure

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