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by Neal Ronaghan - December 13, 2011, 2:16 pm PST
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An original puzzle platformer hits the eShop. Is it worth it?

Pyramids has the pleasure of being the first truly original game on the eShop (Let’s Golf was a port, and the rest are Virtual Console or 3D remakes). While it doesn’t do much to leverage the 3D effects of the system, Enjoy Gaming’s 3DS debut is an addictive and challenging puzzle platformer in the same vein as Solomon’s Key.

Consisting of six worlds with nine single-screen levels each (and a bonus world unlocked by QR codes), Pyramids tasks you with collecting treasure while trying to exit each stage. You maneuver by jumping, creating/destroying blocks, and, when you pick ammo up, shooting at enemies. Obstacles continually get introduced, and by the second and third world, you’ll be dodging boulders, spikes, snakes, fire, and more.

The game’s difficulty ramps up quickly, but it does have a degree of choose-your-own difficulty. Three stars are obtainable in each level: one for getting to the goal, one for collecting all the treasure, and the final one for collecting all the treasure in a time limit. You can burn through the game quickly by just getting one star each level, but if you want to complete every level, you need to collect all the stars. In order to unlock the final world, you need to collect every star beforehand. Similarly, you need to collect stars to unlock other worlds, though the requirements aren’t as stringent as the final world.

The puzzles are clever throughout, and you really need to be able to analyze the environment correctly to figure out how to solve each level. This game succeeds by giving you a well-defined set of rules and abilities, and letting you use those abilities in creative ways. If you set out to collect every star, it can get frustrating, but not because the game is unfair.

The 3D effects are cheesy, as they amount to your character flying at or away from you when he dies. It does add a neat level of depth, but not enough to make leaving the slider on worthwhile. That being said, the game does not suffer at all for not having great 3D. It doesn’t need it.

Pyramids does a great job of nailing that “I can totally do it this time!” feeling that games such as Super Meat Boy and Bit.Trip Runner excelled at. It’s not quite up to the same lofty heights as those games, but it is a worthwhile addition to your 3DS library, especially since it’s an excellent game to plunk five minutes into when you have downtime.


  • Good amount of content
  • It's totally a new age Solomon's Key!
  • Solid puzzle platforming
  • Difficulty might be off-putting for some


ejamerDecember 13, 2011

Enjoyed reading this review.

I'm just about to finish the game with all stars and have been very happy with Pyramids. It's rather old-school and a bit too bare bones to be a "must play" experience, but well crafted and fun enough that most action/puzzle fans should enjoy the game. The short, challenging levels make it a perfect option anytime you have a couple minutes to spare.

Although the game might seem a bit short initially, you can use QR codes to add new levels (with a limit of 9 extra levels saved at any one time) to extend the game beyond the initial play-through. With 54 base levels and 19 QR codes available so far for extra content, you won't get bored quickly. The only downside is that there is no level creation tools, so instead of building and sharing your own content you are limited to downloading levels provided by the developers... then again, having professionally designed levels is hardly a draw-back.

readyletsgoDecember 14, 2011

Cool review!

Reminds me a little of the C64 cart (Flimbo's Quest, Klax, International Soccer and Fiendish Freddy if thats right?) Fiendish Freddy being the game it reminds me of, kinda like Indana Jones'ish or something. 

After I get the GBA games I will look into gettting this too!

Nice one!

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Genre Puzzle
Developer Enjoy Gaming, Ltd.

Worldwide Releases

na: Pyramids
Release Oct 27, 2011

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