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Simply Minesweeper

by Daan Koopman - October 5, 2011, 5:40 pm PDT
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Minesweeper, it is as simple as that.

Simply Minesweeper is the fourth entry in the ''Simply'' DSiWare series, published by Dutch developer Engine Software. Previous entries consisted of other famous puzzlers like Mahjong, Sudoku and Solitaire, all reputedly being of decent quality and very basic. Simply Minesweeper is no exception to that rule.

Minesweeper is a classic puzzle game that was first introduced as a free game on personal computers. Your goal is to defuse the bombs shattered around a grid-based playing field. You win by touching every square that isn't a bomb. The first square is always based on luck, but once you uncovered a few you might spot some with numbers on them. This number indicates how many bombs there are in the eight surrounding squares. By thinking strategically you will able to uncover all the right tiles and overcome the puzzle.

The game overall seems to play fairly well with the stylus and touch screen. As well as tapping squares, you can also hold the stylus down on a tile to place a flag on it, and tap the flag to change it into a question mark if you are unsure about what the square contains.

Gameplay-wise there aren't any additional modes or features, which makes sense considering the price is at the lowest cost possible for DSiWare. You can choose from 150 puzzles, spread over three difficulty modes. Every difficulty adds more squares and bombs, making things rather complex. These puzzles are truly recommended for gamers who are up for a ‘’hard as nails’’ kind of challenge.

On the presentation front, Simply Minesweeper is pretty shallow. The graphics are as basic as they can get and there is just one music track, which becomes annoying after a minute or two. Don't expect this Minesweeper game to win you over with its charm.

Simply Minesweeper is what it says on the tin: a simple version of Minesweeper for on the go. The game is pretty much a pick-up-and-play experience and is only meant for an audience who is interested exactly what is there. The presentation is bland and isn't ultimately why you would buy this game. If you like Minesweeper, it might be worth a look.


  • 150 puzzles
  • Well implemented touch screen controls
  • Presentation very shallow

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Genre Puzzle
Developer Engine Software B.V.

Worldwide Releases

eu: Simply Minesweeper
Release Mar 25, 2011
PublisherEngine Software B.V.

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