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Star Fox 64 3D

by Neal Ronaghan - September 4, 2011, 7:03 am PDT
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Doing a barrel roll and being more like your father was never this good before.

Regardless of the added 3D effects, refined controls, completely improved graphics, beautifully remastered soundtrack, and brand new multiplayer, Star Fox 64 3D is, at heart, the same wonderful game that came out in 1997. Star Fox 64 was a landmark Nintendo 64 game, coming out within a year of the system’s release. The remake, handled by Star Fox Command developers Q-Games and coincidentally coming out within a year of the 3DS’ release, isn’t quite as important as the original, but it’s still an excellent game bolstered by a hefty and pleasant visual upgrade.

But still, this is just Star Fox 64. You should know what you’re getting by now. It’s an outstanding arcade shooter with branching paths and a cinematic presentation. The gameplay is top notch, as you control Fox McCloud through a variety of different levels, some more interesting than others, and shoot your way to victory alongside fellow anthropomorphic wingmen Slippy Toad, Peppy Hare, and Falco Lombardi. For the most part, you take flight in the series trademark Arwing, but a few levels feature the Landmaster (a tank) and the Blue-Marine (a submarine). They are a nice change of pace, but they don’t control nearly as well as the Arwing.

The game offers three different game modes that do not have any apparent differences outside of difficulty. Nintendo 64 mode features the same difficulty level present in the original, while Nintendo 3DS mode takes into the account the added benefit of the Circle Pad and the new gyroscope controls. Expert mode, unlockable by earning medals on stages, is just a crazy-hard version of the other modes.

The gyro controls are novel, but when combined with the 3D, they’re a little tough to use. Basically, you can move the system around to move your Arwing in conjunction with using the Circle Pad. On one hand, it’s more immersive, as you can literally move the system to the left to avoid an obstacle. On the other, you might lose the 3D if you play with it on, screwing you up and getting you damaged anyway. It’s implemented well, especially as there are subtle meters on the outside of the screen telling you how your system is oriented, and it is a snap to recalibrate mid-mission. The presence of this feature on the menus is also neat.

New to this version is a Score Attack mode, which allows you to easily replay any level for medals. It’s nothing too fancy, but that, combined with the new save functionality, makes the game easier to pick up and play -- ideal for a portable game.

The original was known for its audio, with full voiceovers and a suitably epic soundtrack, and the remake doesn’t disappoint. The original voice cast returned to re-record every line of dialog. It sounds a lot better, and they do a serviceable job of recreating the cheese of the original, right down to the flapping mouths of each character when they speak. The soundtrack is completely redone, and sounds wonderful and crisp on the system’s speakers. This is a game worth busting out headphones for.

The multiplayer Battle Mode is completely revamped from the original, featuring all-new levels and power-ups. It’s a ton of fun, even when you’re just playing single-player with bots. Unfortunately, the multiplayer is Download Play only, which is good and disappointing at the same time. On the off chance I’m around other people with systems, I have no doubt it’ll be a blast, but it’d be wonderful if I could play this online.

If you’ve never played Star Fox 64 before, then the 3DS remake is 100 percent worth getting. This is a fantastic game, and this iteration is the definitive version. The big question with Star Fox 64 3D, though, is should people who played the hell out of the original get it. There isn't much new content in the remake, but if you’re hankering for some barrel rolls, then you should get Star Fox 64 3D. It’s a splendid update of an already great game.


  • Beautiful 3D graphics
  • Excellent music, voiceover, and sound effects
  • Fun single-card multiplayer
  • Same game you love, just more refined
  • Little new content
  • Multiplayer is local only


AVSeptember 04, 2011

does the music get so loud that it makes you feel like it has rumble ? I do love the game but I cannot play without rumble

ejamerSeptember 04, 2011

I haven't played this game since owning an N64 despite very fond memories of it. The Wii Virtual Console release was always tempting, but I'm glad to have waited because the 3DS version looks beautiful and should be a great showpiece for my new handheld system. Very excited for this release!

TheFleeceSeptember 04, 2011

I tried to play the original Star Fox a few times and never really got into it. I might give this a try given that I was able to finally complete OOT. Hey Neal, would you compare the controls being anything similar to the planes in Pilot Wings?

Quote from: Mr.

does the music get so loud that it makes you feel like it has rumble ? I do love the game but I cannot play without rumble

You could try playing on a washing machine.

TheFleece, it's been a while since played Pilotwings Resort, but they both use the Circle Pad, and they both control well. So...maybe

xcwarriorSeptember 04, 2011

When this is $20, I'll pick it up. Sorry Nintendo, this is my favorite game of all-time, but it's still a remake. Remakes should not cost $40. End of story.

Nice review by the way, glad to see they at least added more multiplayer levels and bots, since there is no online. If there was online multiplayer, I might have forked over the $40.

FZeroBoyoSeptember 04, 2011

Online or no, I'm getting this for sure. One of my absolute favorite games ever.

Kytim89September 04, 2011

Hey Neal, in the original game I found it difficult to tell friend from foe due to the cloudy draw distance on the N64. Has this changed with the enhanced graphics?

DanielMDaniel Mousseau, Staff AlumnusSeptember 04, 2011

I know I'm most likely going to get the game, but I really wish multiplayer was wi-fi.

NeoStar9XSeptember 04, 2011

Going to be taking a pass on this. It looks great but I never played the original and I really don't have any nostalgia reason to buy it. I'm done with DS up-ports and remakes anyway. While I might have been on the fence even with those issues the lack of online is a deal breaker for me. I know this is a remake and that's why it isn't included most likely but local mutliplayer is worthless to me an I don't really care about beating my own score. Oh well. Saves me more money in the end.

coffeewithgamesSeptember 04, 2011

"Multiplayer is local only"
Grrrrr :@

This is one reason I have NOT purchased a 3DS yet, Nintendo's apparent lack of understanding/caring of online functionality in games.
Glad to see the game transferred over well though, and hopefully they can do a full fledged StarFox game in the future with more modes/online support.

leroypantweatherSeptember 04, 2011

for 40$ hell to the no, $20 New on amazon less than two months after release..hell to the yes

I never owned a 64 growing up so I'm really happy that Nintendo is bringing the best games from the system to the 3DS. I have no problem paying full price for a quality game that I've never played before.

NeoStar9XSeptember 05, 2011

I say what I say now but I'm going to kick myself if I end up buying the game due to nothing else being out. :( Driver: Renegade was the game I was hoping to be good to be my September purchase but that has clearly fallen through. Video footage of the game speaks for itself. I guess that's my fault for hoping a third party game could deliver, at least this early. It's also a Ubisoft game so I should have known better. :(

motangSeptember 05, 2011

Yep, going to pick it up on the 9th.  ;D

Kytim89September 05, 2011

Hopefully this game does well enough to warrant Nintendo to resurrect the series with a brand new title for the 3DS and Wii U (hopefully developed by Retro Studios).

crashnnburnSeptember 05, 2011

Oh stop it with your crying! This game is how old? 14 years? I'm pretty sure that the majority of kids who were born in 1997 haven't played this. So what makes you guys think this game is meant for us who played the original. It's there if you played it but meant for people who haven't. So please for God's sake, stfu with your bitching, it gets tiring reading all this stupid trolling on Nintendo.

oohhboyHong Hang Ho, Staff AlumnusSeptember 05, 2011

This game represents development time wasted on what could have been a new(Star Fox) game. There is a time and place for remakes, but not during launch year where you need new games to get things going. Even worse this game didn't make the unplanned early launch like Mario 64 DS did.

So take your harsh language and shove it. This maybe a Nintendo site, but we aren't complete fanboys that fellate Nintendo's every word.

I'm not really too passionate about either side of the 3DS remake debate, but I do have this anecdote.

I was talking to a friend about Ocarina of Time 3D shortly after its E3 2010 reveal. He was working as a production assistant on a movie, and one of the extras, around the age of 10 or so, was playing Phantom Hourglass on DS. My friend chatted up with the extra about the Zelda series. At one point, he said "Ocarina of Time is my favorite," to which the kid replied "What series is that in?"

That is the basis of my entire reason for not having any major issue with the Ocarina or Star Fox remakes. The games look beautiful, and they are nice, portable ways to experience amazing games.

Also, you can't take up the development time issue, since both games were developed by outside studios (Grezzo and Q-Games). Yes, some Nintendo employees had to work on this game, but it likely wasn't this big, huge distraction.

NWR_pap64Pedro Hernandez, Contributing WriterSeptember 06, 2011

I'm with Neal. I'm neither in favor or against remakes. The reason I really want to play both Star Fox 64 3D and OoT 3D is because I loved both of these games growing up and want to experience them once more with new technology.

I still want them to make brand new games, but I don't exactly get my shorts up in a knot whenever I hear that a game is being remade. As long as the original still exists I have no problem with it.

CyrianSeptember 14, 2011

What's the point of being able to see your opponents' faces on your screen if multiplayer is local only? That feature right there was what had made me think it was going to be online.

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