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3D Classics Urban Champion

by James Dawson - August 22, 2011, 7:12 pm PDT
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Here's a review you may not have expected.

Urban Champion’s only real claim to fame comes from the fact that it was Nintendo’s first 2D fighting game on the NES, otherwise people are apt to dismiss it outright. That’s why most, if not everyone were shocked by Nintendo’s decision to release the game as part of the 3D Classics line.

To those that aren’t aware, Urban Champion is a very basic fighting game. The only controls revolve around dodging, blocking and moving forward or back with the D-pad or Circle pad and punching with either the A or B button. The main point of the game is to knock your opponent into an uncovered manhole before either the time runs out, you run out of stamina, or your opponent does the same to you. You will also have to dodge falling debris that angry residences throw out of their windows, as well as lose your progress for the current round as the fight momentarily ends at the sight of a passing squad car. As you complete rounds, you will be awarded titles that show your progress as you become an Urban Champion.

Despite the game’s lack of popularity among gamers, Arika has done an admirable job making it a 3D Classics title. Along with the 3D effect, Arika also added slight fixes to the game’s graphics, most notable of which comes when you go into the option menu and turn on the camera. This causes the game to change from a flat perspective similar to most fighting games, to a perspective that is angled slightly to the back of your character. The 3D looks nice either way, but to truly enjoy the game’s 3D, be sure to turn on the camera.

Urban Champion is by no means a great game, but if you’re willing to shell out $4.99, it can be a fun diversion when you just don’t have a lot of time to sink into more robust titles.


  • Good way to pass the time
  • Great 3D effect
  • Very basic

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Genre Fighting
Developer Nintendo
Players1 - 2

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na: 3D Classics Urban Champion
Release Aug 18, 2011
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