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Wii Play: Motion

by Matthew Blundon - June 28, 2011, 5:33 pm EDT
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Not much has changed since the original Wii Play.

Back when the original Wii Play was released, the Wii had a very limited selection of software. With not much else to turn to, many early adopters of the system picked up the title to experiment with their new console as well as receive a new Wii Remote in the process. As a result of the added controller, Wii Play became a shoe-in for many first purchases when it came to Wii software and became the best-selling Wii game outside of Wii Sports. 

Wii Play: Motion offers the same formula as the original. Using the bundled controller, the game puts players through a series of mini-games that are intended to be played with a group of people. The selection of mini-games this time around is certainly an improvement in terms of quality when compared to its predecessor, but with only 12 to pick from, it does not take very long before things start to grow stale.

When you purchase Wii Play: Motion, you will receive a Wii Remote Plus controller. In addition to the Wii Remote with the Wii MotionPlus accessory, no other control methods can be used with the game - all 12 mini-games require the added precision. In other words, in order to enjoy the game to its fullest, you will need to purchase either more Wii Remote Plus controllers or additional Wii MotionPlus accessories to use with your Wii Remotes.

The benefits of MotionPlus go a long way in the game. The pinpoint precision that the Wii Remote Plus offers helps to enhance the experience of many mini-games, particularly Cone Zone, which requires players to hold the controller vertically like an ice cream cone, and then try and balance as many scoops of ice cream as possible. In this situation, the controls help add to the enjoyment. As your tower of ice cream keeps getting taller, it gets more difficult to balance, which leads to a competitive atmosphere, especially when playing with friends.

One of the game’s biggest problems is that its selection of mini-games either lack of depth or are ultimately a bore to play. Veggie Guardin’, for instance, has players smacking and batting garden pests to keep them away from their vegetables. It sounds like an interesting concept on paper, especially for kids, but it quickly loses it spark due to its repetitive nature. Other mini-games that suffer from this issue include Grappling Ghosts and Treasure Twirl. These offerings are better suited for a game such as Mario Party in which small doses are more enjoyable than lengthy sessions. 

The mini-games have a decent amount of variety, as each one throws players into a completely different scenario, yet, as previously mentioned, they lack depth. Of the game’s 12 mini-games, the only ones that are worth spending time with, either on your own or with friends, are Cone Zone, Star Shuttle, Trigger Twist, and Wind Runner. 

Wii Play: Motion maintains the same visual and audio presentation as other games in the Wii series. The game has a very simple and polished look to it, though it can be argued that the game lacks originality in the sense that it looks like every other game in the Wii line-up. The menus are, however, easy to navigate, which is a plus for parents buying this game for their kids to play with friends. 

Whether or not Wii Play: Motion warrants a purchase depends on whether or not you want to pay a little extra for a Wii Remote Plus and receive a game. Though the game lacks depth, it is, however, a good introduction to the controller and a decent party game for kids. For those who already have their fair share of Wii Remotes, Wii Play: Motion isn't worth paying for.


  • Comes bundled with a Wii Remote Plus controller
  • Fun to play with kids
  • Some enjoyable mini-games
  • Hard to justify buying the game on its own
  • Lacks depth and variety
  • Not much has changed since the original Wii Play


AVJune 28, 2011

it seems like the sequel falls flat where the original was a good value. what a shame, no excuses for this. If it was released a month after Wii Sports Resort than maybe it was a rush job but they had time to make it worth while and they didn't.
Why not just include this in Wii Party?

AdrockJune 28, 2011

It's still odd that this is only sold with a remote. There should be 2 SKUs for people who don't want the controller.

Is there anything in Wii Play: Motion like Tanks? That mini-games made the original a great value because it was so awesome.

KDR_11kJune 29, 2011

Seconding the question about Tanks.

Gameloft made several games that were one minigame of Wii Play embellished into a full game so there was clearly a solid foundation there.

You can get the thing without the controller for 30€ from Club Nintendo AFAIK but that's a terrible deal if you ask me.

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na: Wii Play: Motion
Release Jun 13, 2011
RatingEveryone 10+
jpn: Wii Remokon Plus Variety Pack
Release Jul 07, 2011
RatingAll Ages
eu: Wii Play: Motion
Release Jun 24, 2011

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