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Thor: God of Thunder

by Josh Max - May 21, 2011, 4:39 pm PDT
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Thor hits just as hard as he does in the movie, but with less feeling. 

From the moment I received Thor for Wii, I was skeptical. I opened the package to find a four-page pamphlet. Looking at the packaging and presentation of the physical product, the game screamed “discount shelf,” which was disheartening for me. Still, I was excited to take control of Thor, the Odinson. When I booted up the game and held my Wii Remote and Nunchuk in hand, my palms were sweating. I was so nervous that the game was just another doomed-to-fail movie franchise game. In a way, my fears were both confirmed and proven wrong.

One of the best things about developer Red Fly Studio’s take on Thor is the gameplay. The controls take a few minutes to get used to, but once you get into it, you can lose yourself in fighting Frost Giants. You can choose the basic combo chain or you can swing the Wii Remote and Nunchuk around and pull off some visually stunning combos, summoning the power of thunder to strike down your biggest enemies. Although most of the game consists of you running down halls and taking on seemingly endless enemies, which can be tiring at times, the boss battles are breath taking. Easily the best part of the game, the boss battles will keep you on your toes wanting more.

The thing is, when you’re beating down Thor’s biggest and baddest enemies (Frost Giants, demons, etc.), it doesn’t really feel like Thor cares. The voice acting, which features Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleton, Thor and Loki respectively in the motion picture, is sub-par. It just doesn’t seem like Thor cares when he smashes his hammer into a demon’s face. Accompany that with the lackluster in-game videos, and, if I may quote my high school drama teacher, you “lose the feeling behind it.” I understand that the story is as basic as can be (Loki tricks Thor into fighting other planets, chaos ensues, blah blah blah), but is that any excuse to let the rest of the game suffer?

I shouldn’t say “the rest of the game.” The visuals are actually pretty good. The cel-shaded style of the characters was a good choice for Sega to make for the Wii adaptation of the game. The game does stutter from time to time, and sometimes can’t maintain a decent frame rate. If you can look over the minor hiccups, you can actually enjoy the game.

Thor’s not a bad game, it just doesn’t seem to care whether or not it does well. It had the potential to be the next Spider-Man 2, but instead, it’s just another game that will be thrown in the 2-for-1 bin at your local Toys “R” Us.


  • Awesome boss battles
  • Gameplay is a lot of fun
  • Visuals are good, easy to follow
  • Story's as basic as can be
  • The game feels apathetic
  • Voice acting is sub-par


xcwarriorMay 22, 2011

Fun gameplay and good boss battles makes it sound like its worth picking up at the right price, just maybe not $50. I'll keep an eye out in the clearance bin in a month or two.

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Genre Action
Developer Red Fly Studio

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na: Thor: God of Thunder
Release May 03, 2011

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