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Raving Rabbids: Travel in Time 3D

by Neal Ronaghan - April 22, 2011, 12:13 am PDT
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This platformer is competent, but it's so damn boring and lame.

Rabbids Travel in Time 3D is a 2D side-scrolling platformer starring the obnoxious characters that spawned out of the Rayman series. The best to be said about it is that it is a functional 2D platformer. It offers nothing inventive, and the level design is pedestrian at best.

The story is simple and nonsensical. The Rabbids discover a washing machine and travel through time. The basic mechanics are what you'd expect out of the genre. You jump with the A button, and attack enemies with the X button. Outside of a few boring power-ups, such as invincibility and higher jumping ability, that's more or less the entirety of the gameplay. You have four worlds consisting of more than 40 levels total of the same concepts and mechanics. There's really no variation in the level design. The four worlds can only be differentiated by the theme of the locales.

There is some replayability, as after you complete a level, you can replay it to collect items and defeat all the enemies, or compete in a time trial. The levels are exactly the same, though, and the levels aren't that fun to begin with, making it nothing more than a chore to do. You can unlock 3D figurines, new costumes for your Rabbid, and 3D pictures. Basically, it's not worth bothering with.

As for the 3D effect, it's novel, but feels like it's not fully explored. It functions more like poor parallax layers than anything else, as you'll see things moving in the background, and occasionally a fly or something will appear to be on the front layer.

Unless you're starved for a 3DS platformer, you should avoid Rabbids Travel in Time 3D at all costs. It's a disappointing and dreary side-scroller. Don't let launch window goggles fool you into thinking this is a good game. It's not.


  • Rabbids are still kind of funny and charming
  • Dull gameplay
  • Lame use of 3D
  • Uninspired level design


JasonMaiviaApril 22, 2011

Ubisoft - Crappy launch titles, one generation at a time.

CericApril 22, 2011

Quote from: JasonMaivia

Ubisoft - Crappy launch titles, one generation at a time.

Raymen 2 thread proves they also reuse launch titles per system.  I mean its not truly a system till it gets that game.  NGage didn't get it and where is it now?

LucarioJuly 28, 2013

They say Bwarrrr!
I say meh..

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