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by Andy Goergen - February 2, 2011, 8:42 pm PST
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These eggs are on the move in this egg-cellent DSiWare puzzler.

DodoGo from Neko Entertainment is a puzzle-platformer for DSiWare that will test your logic skills and patience, but one that will offer an overall satisfying experience. The game stars Dodo bird eggs who need to reach their nest in one piece, and relies on both your quick thinking, but also abstract thinking, to get them home.

Each stage features one or more eggs, and the goal is simply to get as many as you can back to the nest. A stage can be passed by getting one egg home, but the more you get back to the nest, the better the reward you will get. Each stage is graded in the form of a medal, the best one being a "golden egg". If you get all of your eggs home in the allotted time, you will be given the golden egg. Before long, this becomes much easier said than done.

The game has a plethora of tutorials, which is handy because after a while, the puzzles become quite challenging. As the game continues to pile on the different types of environmental challenges, keeping track of everything is a bit of work. You will need to use decks to build bridges, springs to hop over gaps, oil to coat your eggs to keep them from burning alive, brushes on wooden blocks to create fire, and much, much more. The puzzles are cleverly designed, and there are many included. The game features over 100 puzzles, along with additional bonus puzzles. The bonus puzzles earn you items that you can use to bypass stages that are giving you trouble.

DodoGo takes full advantage of the unique capabilities of the DS, using the microphone, touch screen and D-Pad as primary inputs. Moving your eggs forward can be accomplished by yelling "Go!" into the microphone, or by swiping the stylus over the egg in a particular direction. You use the stylus to implement the given tools on any stage, and the D-Pad is used to move the camera around. The stylus control to move the eggs can be a little finicky, but the controls feel solid overall.

Graphically, the game shines for the platform, with the enemies and eggs showing a lot of character, and the stages, while fairly basic in art-style, are varied and well drawn. The characters are vibrant and well animated, making you feel a little bit of empathy for the eggs as they burn, drown, and fall to their inevitable deaths.

DSiWare is hardly a service lacking in puzzle games. If you're looking for one that stretches your imagination a bit, and makes you think outside the box, you can do much worse than DodoGo. It's a colorful game with personality, which will certainly have you scratching your head as you play.


  • Colorful graphics
  • Over 100 stages
  • Puzzles are challenging
  • A little overbearing on the tutorials
  • Can be difficult at times
  • Stylus controls are a bit frustrating

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Genre Puzzle

Worldwide Releases

na: DodoGo!
Release Apr 26, 2010
PublisherNeko Entertainment

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