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24/7 Solitaire

by Matthew Blundon - September 15, 2010, 3:14 am PDT
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How many versions of solitaire is enough?

Card games are plentiful on the Nintendo DSiWare Store and 24/7 Solitaire is the latest variation on the activity to be released. It is unique in the fact that it offers a vast amount of content the other versions lack.

24/7 Solitaire offers many variations on the original formula, ranging from Klondike to Four Seasons. There are about 30 different variations of solitaire packed into this game, so it is a great investment compared to the service's other solitaire games.

Peg solitaire is also present in 24/7 Solitaire, which is not really solitaire at all. The game has seven different boards to play this activity on, each one with their own unique setup. Your goal in peg solitaire is to remove a certain number of balls from a grid until there is only one left in the center of the board. This is accomplished through selecting balls and having them hop over other ones, thus resulting in them being removed from the game.

24/7 Solitaire is a great solo experience but it is a shame that the developers skipped over the opportunity to include some competitive play. A multiplayer mode, whether local or online, would have been a nice addition to the game.

The presentation is a little bare-bones as both the graphics and sound are fairly simple. This is common to solitaire games on the service, but 24/7 Solitaire has a somewhat more colorful and lively feel to it, which is definitely a plus. The audio, while somewhat minimal, is decent and is not overly repetitive.

Solitaire games are no stranger to the Nintendo DSiWare service, and while 24/7 Solitaire has a slightly higher price than other solitaire games on the service, it packs quite a bit more variety. 30 different variations on the activity will keep gamers occupied for quite some time and the addition of peg solitaire is just icing on the cake. In short, this is the definite handheld version of solitaire.


  • Lots of variety
  • Two games in one
  • Bare-bones visuals and sound
  • No multiplayer

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Genre Party/Parlor
Developer Cosmigo

Worldwide Releases

na: 24/7 Solitaire
Release Jul 12, 2010

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