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by Matthew Blundon - September 3, 2010, 1:31 pm EDT
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Nintendo's answer to Hudson's My Aquarium struggles to stay afloat.

Way back in 2008, Hudson released My Aquarium exclusively for the WiiWare service, and to many people's surprise, it turned out to be a huge success. Fast forward to almost two years later and along comes Nintendo's answer to My Aquarium, AquaSpace. While AquaSpace appears to have a lot more going for it, such as the inclusion of Mii characters, it ultimately fails to challenge My Aquarium as the best fish tank simulator on WiiWare.

The goal of AquaSpace is simple as you design and decorate your very own fish tank. The game gives you full customization of your aquarium, ranging from its look to the fish that will inhabit it. To no surprise, AquaSpace is more of an interactive screensaver than a game. Of course, designing and decorating your own fish tank can be very time consuming, but the intention is to pop the game on and have it playing on your television while you entertain a party or while you relax.

The game features more or less the same experience that Hudson's aquarium simulator contained two years ago, except with the ability to bring your Mii character into the game. Sadly, the Mii support is lackluster. All the game does is automatically create a path for your Mii to follow, offering no direct control.

In terms of visuals, the game has a very muggy and flat look to it and ultimately comes off looking dull and uninspired. Combine that with the boring and repetitive background music and the game just sinks.

AquaSpace's biggest selling point was the ability to swim with your Mii character, and it is a shame that that part turned out to be such a disappointment. For just 100 Wii Points less, My Aquarium is a much more enjoyable fish tank simulator. If Paon and Nintendo had managed to work out the problems surrounding the Mii mode, it would have been a little easier to recommend AquaSpace, but in its current state, it is pretty hard to do so.


  • Supports the use of Miis
  • Mii support is very disappointing
  • Not enough content
  • Subpar presentation


KDR_11kSeptember 04, 2010

Hudson software: Worldwide leader in downloadable console-based fishtank simulators.

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Developer Paon Corporation

Worldwide Releases

na: AquaSpace
Release Jul 19, 2010
jpn: Aqua Living: TV de Nagameru Uotachi
Release Mar 02, 2010
eu: Zenquaria: Virtual Aquarium
Release Jul 09, 2010

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