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Robin Hood: The Return of Richard

by Matthew Blundon - July 26, 2010, 12:20 am PDT
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Another iPhone port -- oh, dear.

Robin Hood: The Return of Richard was originally an iPhone game that was released earlier this year. Its price has fluctuated all over the board over the months, once being as low as a dollar, and as of this writing, sells for $5, the same price as its WiiWare counterpart of the same name.

For those wondering, the WiiWare version of Robin Hood: The Return of Richard is a direct port of the iPhone version with no additional content thrown in. This is a very simple arcade shooter, with ten different stages lasting about three minutes each. Your goal is simple - destroy all of the enemies onscreen before they inflict damage on you.

One notable issue with the game is that the environments are often too sparse, and there aren’t very many instances where you will feel overwhelmed with enemies. Robin Hood is a laid-back shooting game that never requires any alertness. You just point and fire at enemies on the screen in a very lazy manner. Eventually, your supply of arrows will run out and you will need to replenish your supplies by pressing the B button, but it adds very little to the game. Simply put, the game is a walk in the park with very little excitement.

The gameplay in Robin Hood: The Return of Richard is no doubt its biggest fault. The game poses no challenge to gamers until the last stage, which is the only boss stage in the game. Even then, the game game is fairly easy to complete.

There is also no real reason to play the game. Robin Hood: The Return of Richard attempts to set up a story motivate players, but it ultimately fails. Wall after wall of text only adds to the boredom that this game is so good at creating.

The visuals are just as sub-par as they are on the mobile version, adding very little energy to the game. Robin Hood: The Return of Richard is so bland to look at and so boring to play that it is hard to recommend.

When it comes to shooters on the Wii, there are plenty of options to choose from. Robin Hood: The Return of Richard is by no means a decent choice, feeling very archaic and boring. When a game is this bad, it is hard to even consider recommending it.


  • Dull music
  • Poor visuals
  • Repetitive gameplay

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Developer Nordcurrent

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na: Robin Hood: The Return of Richard
Release Jun 28, 2010
RatingEveryone 10+
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