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Jett Rocket

by Matthew Blundon - July 2, 2010, 3:34 pm EDT
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One of the most anticipated WiiWare games of the year has arrived.

When looking through the catalog of titles available for the WiiWare service, there aren't too many visually impressive titles, so when something like Jett Rocket comes along, gamers take heed. While people have been taught for generations that looks can be deceiving, Jett Rocket gladly doesn't fit into that category, as not only is it one of the best-looking games for the WiiWare service, it is also one of the best overall.

Playing as Jett, a young man with the ability to hover with his jetpack, your goal is to protect the planet of Yoroppa from an evil organization known as "Power Plant Posse." Their goal is to steal energy supplies from all over the planet, and it is up to you to set things straight.

Jett Rocket is a platforming game at heart, and while it doesn't do anything to break from the traditional platformer mould, what it does, it does well. In each stage, your goal is to make it to a generator located somewhere in the area. Rather than just jumping from platform to platform and breezing through each stage, puzzle elements are thrown in to help make the game feel more varied and enjoyable. There are also orbs scattered throughout the game to collect, and some are hidden very cleverly.

One of the best things about Jett Rocket is that the controls are very natural and easy to get used to. To control Jett, players use the Nunchuk's analog stick, while the Wii Remote's A button gives him the ability to jump. Motion controls are used, but their purpose is very minimal, such as shaking the Wii Remote to dash while on the ground or performing an attack on enemies while airborne.

One of the neat mechanics of Jett Rocket is Jett's jetpack, which allows him to stay airborne for a limited amount of time. This item uses energy and there are various platforms scattered throughout the game that can refuel it.

While on his adventure to save the land, Jett must also use a variety of other items, ranging from a paraglider to a jet boat. Each item that Jett comes across in his journey serves their own purpose and helps mix up the gameplay a little and add some variety to the game. Unlike some other games available on the WiiWare service, these items never feel tacked on and feel as though they were intended to be there right from the start. Rarely does anything in this game feel like a second thought.

While Jett Rocket is a great game at heart, it suffers from some notable issues. One of the biggest complaints one will have about the game is that it is over before you really start to get into it. Much like LostWinds, Jett Rocket is also a couple of hours long. Perfectionists are likely to return as there is still plenty to do after clearing the game, such as collecting orbs and trying to obtain all of the game's achievements, but for gamers who like to just do a straightforward runthrough of the game, Jett Rocket will likely fall short.

Perhaps even more severe than the length of the game is the presence of glitches. Not only do these disrupt the flow of the game, they might just be enough for some players to shelve the game due to its brevity.

Out of all the things that one could love about Jett Rocket, the one that will likely stand out the most is the great graphics it boasts. The lighting is top-notch and the different worlds are all nice and colorful. There is never a time when the game looks bland and boring, which is quite an achievement, especially considering that this is a WiiWare game.

When everything is said and done, Jett Rocket is one of the best WiiWare, even if it does suffer from a couple of shortcomings. Those who get past the short length of the game will find a great adventure with plenty of variety. For a mere 1,000 Nintendo Points ($10), gamers are getting what is possibly one of the best WiiWare games of the year so far.


  • Accessible controls
  • Great visuals
  • Plenty of gameplay variety
  • Only lasts a couple of hours
  • Suffers from some glitches


I know this game isn't directly comparable to Super Mario Galaxy 2 (one's retail by Nintendo, the other is a WiiWare game made by Germans), but I find myself not giving a crap about this game because I've played SMG2 recently. No matter how you look at it, going from SMG2 to this is a step down. I'm sure this is a good game, but I just have no interest in playing it anytime soon.

I mean, why do you think Flip's Twisted World got delayed to the fall? Because Super Mario Galaxy 2 would have eaten it alive. At least now it will just quietly destroy it.

CalibanJuly 02, 2010

I like the game. It has a lot of potential if it were a full game released on a disc, as in if a lot more content was provided. I had the 500 points card given to me from buying Sin & Punishment Star Successor, so I didn't hesitate to get this game.

Mop it upJuly 03, 2010

This seems like yet another game that doesn't reach its potential due to the restrictions of WiiWare. I don't like the sound of it being only a couple of hours long, even if that isn't 100% completion. Shaking the Wii Remote to dash is always a misstep; when will developers learn that?

I'd like to know more about the glitches mentioned. Are they minor things that aren't likely to come up, or are they more game-breaking stuff that will cause lost lives or restarting the game?

KDR_11kJuly 04, 2010

Dunno, I got stuck in the floor once after being damage-thrown out of the parachute but managed to escape before the nearby trap finished me off.

What annoys me is that there are no checkpoints as far as I can tell, if you die you have to restart the whole level, including the solar cell collectathon.

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Genre Adventure
Developer Shin'en

Worldwide Releases

na: Jett Rocket
Release Jun 28, 2010
eu: Jett Rocket
Release Jul 02, 2010

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